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Ahiru no Sora (あひるの空) is the anime adaptation of the manga of the same name. A 50-episode anime television series adaptation produced by Diomedéa was broadcast from October 2019 to September 2020. It aired in Japan every Wednesday at 6:25 p.m. taking over the time slot that was previously occupied by Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS.

The series is currently licensed by Sentai Filmworks and streaming on websites such as Crunchyroll, HIDIVE and Netflix.


Sora is a freshman at Kuzuryū High, determined to follow in his mother's footsteps in basketball. However, he finds that the basketball club isn't quite as enthusiastic, consisting of delinquent students who never want to practice. Sora is already at a disadvantage, being much smaller and weaker than his peers. This doesn't stop Sora, his dedication inspiring the other club members-- or to-be teammates-- to give basketball their all.

View of the World

A sports series about basketball. The story is set in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture at Kuzuryū High, the protagonist's breakthrough and its growth process are depicted. Surrounding it, problems that can occur in club activities such as discord between members, and bullying are taken up. Also, school life, romance, poverty, family problems, and a wide range of themes such as past trauma of the characters are delicately depicted.


# Title Release date
1 The Ugly Duckling 10/02/2019
2 Boys Without Talent 10/09/2019
3 Momoharu's Wings 10/16/2019
4 First Flight 10/23/2019
5 Broken Wings 10/30/2019
6 Now's the Time 11/06/2019
7 The Troublesome Freshman 11/13/2019
8 Duck and Kite 11/20/2019
9 Kite, His Ball and the Team's Pain 11/27/2019
10 Manager 12/04/2019
11 The Boys' Stubbornness and Girls' Pride 12/11/2019
12 Team 12/18/2019
13 Differing Enthusiasm 12/25/2019
14 Towards Victory 01/08/2020
15 The Boys' Spirit 01/15/2020
16 The Best Start and the Worst Start 01/22/2020
17 Versus 01/29/2020
18 Now... 02/05/2020
19 Higher Than Anyone 02/12/2020
20 Last Play 02/19/2020
21 Tears 02/26/2020
22 The Last Piece 03/04/2020
23 The Moon and the Hoop 03/11/2020
24 Light 03/18/2020
25 Undiscovered Talent 04/01/2020
26 RUSH AND RUSH 04/08/2020
27 THE HARD PLAY 04/15/2020
28 Vow 04/22/2020
29 Bonds 04/29/2020
30 Reason for Living 05/06/2020
31 What Must Be Protected 05/13/2020
32 Time Limit 05/20/2020
33 Life 05/27/2020
34 Light Trails 06/03/2020
35 Stand 06/10/2020
36 Kids Are All Right 06/17/2020
37 Tender 07/01/2020
38 Earring 07/08/2020
39 Fight For Rock For Life 07/15/2020
40 Stop & Go 07/22/2020
41 Challenger 07/29/2020
42 War Declaration 08/05/2020
43 The Best Lineup 08/12/2020
44 Fuse 08/19/2020
45 Break 08/26/2020
46 Certain Proof 09/02/2020
47 Sora the Duck 09/09/2020
48 The Straight Story 09/16/2020
49 The Last Period 09/23/2020
50 Bridge 09/30/2020

Japanese Cast

English Cast

Opening and Ending Themes

  • The First Opening Theme Song is Happy Go Ducky! by The Pillows. The First Ending Theme Song is Tsubasa by Saji.
  • The Second Opening Theme Song is Never Mind by Flumpool. The Second Ending Theme Song is Over by Yuma Uchida.
  • The Third Opening Theme Song is Humming Bird by Blue Encount. The Third Ending Theme Song is  Hikari Sasu Hou e by Mamoru Miyano.
  • The Fourth Opening Theme Song is Rebirth by ACIDMAN. The Fourth Ending Theme Song is Taiyou Runner by Sakamoto Shogo.

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