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I'm like a Hero, famous. It's true I am not lying. But it wasn't really me that made the team strong, it was THEM

—Akihito Ninomiya, to Sora Kurumatani and Kaname Shigeyoshi

Akihito Ninomiya (二宮 昭仁, Ninomiya Akihito) is a first-year point guard who plays for Kikugawa High.


Nino is a short individual, standing about 160 cm. He has blond hair with dark brown eyes. Both his ears have multiple piercings. His jersey number is 12.


Nino is a friendly and competitive individual. Prior to meeting Sora, Nino, due to his nature of continuously changing schools, couldn't form a strong rapport with his previous or current colleagues at school. Meeting Kurumatani, and competing against Kuzuryu High, changed his understanding of teamwork. His current focus is to take his team, Kikugawa High, to the upcoming Inter-High tournament.


Nino is from a small town Kaisei in Kanagawa Prefecture. In the course of his adolescence, he has been transferring to numerous institutions in Japan, and Kikugawa High is his 15th school. Nino made his official appearance in the 'Monster Bash arc' people at the nearby court, including Sora, Kaname, and Kenji, become captivated by his street basketball skills. When Nino saw them, he invited Sora and others to join the game.

Although being a great basketball player, Nino believes club activities are not for him and doubts that he will stay at Kikugawa High for a year. Nino thinks he got famous and gained attention in his middle school years due to his height. In the Kanto region, there are not many point guards who are 150 cm tall. Whichever team he has transferred to was already strong; he just offered his support as a team member. Okita Ryuji, his colleague at Kikugawa High, believes that Nino's innate ability as a basketball player earned him recognition amongst his peers. Ryuji believes that Nino is the one who can help the team to qualify for the upcoming Inter-High tournament. Nino told him that he hasn't made up his mind and will think about it later on. Upon hearing that, Sora stated; can understand his point of view, as they both are players of similar heights. He shouldn't undermine himself and consider joining his school basketball team because Kuzuryu High's goal is to qualify for the Inter-High tournament. Witnessing and observing Sora's determination and passion for the sport changed his perception. After the streetball match, Nino texted Sora and informed him that he has officially joined Kikugawa High and will participate in the upcoming Monster Bash Tournament.

Monster Bash Tournament arc

Prior to the start of the Monster Bash Tournament, Nino accompanying by his teammates meets Sora and others from Kuzuryu High. Nino's team is amazed that Kuzu-High is a club of only 8 team members. He sees Sora greeting Tokiwa and asks him if that person is his friend. Nino tells him that Tokiwa is a player of great skill. Upon hearing that, Chiaki gets jealous and asks Nino, "What about me? "How much power does your scouter say I have? Am I above Tokiwa or below him? Nino gets scared of him and says you are above his skill level. A few minutes later, Nao meets him and introduces herself to Kikugawa High. Nino falls in love with her but doesn't say a word to Nao. She then leaves with the rest of the Kuzu-High squad. Nino tells Kaji that it is love at first sight. Ryuji gets angry at him and says he should focus on the tournament.

Nino's team is one of the first clubs to compete in the tournament's first-round matches. Not much of the game was shown; however, Kikugawa High won their match with flying colors. Nino scored most of the points and had 16 assists. After the game, everyone in the gymnasium recognized his skills. Upon exiting the basketball court, Nino gave Sora thumps up in hopes of competing against his team in the quarterfinals.

With the rest of his teammates, Nino watches the match between Kuzuryu High and The Gorillaz from the stands. He is amazed by the performance of the two-point guards' Sora and Igarashi; while watching the game, Nino provides his perspective to his teammates. When Kuzu-High wins, he becomes excited and looks forward to meeting Sora in the quarterfinals.

In the second round, Kikugawa High goes up against Team Grobdas. In the middle of the match, Ryuji gets into foul trouble, and Nino tells him not to be afraid to get some fouls and be aggressive. Team Grobdas has the lead of 12 points. During halftime, Nao shouts and provide words of encouragement to Nino's team. He approaches Nao and informs her that he has fallen in love with her and asks if his team wins this match will she go on a date with him. Nanao agrees, which makes Chiaki extremely jealous and shocked. At the beginning of the third quarter, Nino gets serious and starts showing his real skills as an efficient point guard. He does a jump fake making his opponent confused, and scores the point. He also does an offensive rebound and sends a pass to Ryuji, which he scores. Kikugawa High is now down by 8 points. One of the players of Team Grobdas tells his teammates to slow down. Nino steals the ball from them and scores the point. They are now down by 6 points. However, Team Grobdas scores a three taking their lead to 35 to 26. Kaji returns the favor with three of his own, and the lead is back to 6. Nino tells his teammates to continue being offensive, and Kikugawa wins the match by a score of 38 to 37. Sora congratulates Nino and tells him if Kuzuryu High wins the quarterfinals match, his date with Nao will be called off. Nino says I like your idea, and nothing would excite me more, so I accept your challenge.

The quarterfinals match is between Kikugawa High and Kuzuryu High. At the start of the match, Ryuji tells Nino that their school will become famous in Kawasaki if they win this game. Nino tells Ryuji that he is being too loud, and he should lower his voice. Nino greets Sora and tells him not to forget the promise they made. Momoharu intercepts the jump ball, and Kuzu-High is on the offense. Sora passes to Kenji, who is guarded carefully by Kaji. Kenji drives pass him and score the point. Kikugawa tries to score the point but misses; Momoharu grabs the offensive rebound and passes to Sora. Nino is guarding him carefully. The matchup is between the two shortest players on both teams. Sora tries to drive passes him, but Nino steals the ball and gets into foul trouble. The referee tells Nino he has an offensive foul. He notices a huge difference in Sora's movements compared to their previous meeting in the streetball match. Nino steals the ball again from Sora and scores the point. Nino approaches Sora and tells him confidently that he cannot defeat him because there is a huge difference between their basketball skills. Ryuji and Kaji score the next points for Kikugawa High. The score is 8 to 14. One of the spectators says this game is amazing, and it is going beyond the high school level basketball. Kenji scores a three-pointer taking Kuzuryu High lead to 17 to 11. Kikugawa High tries scoring the basket, but Momoharu gets the offensive rebound. Kenji tries scoring again, Nino yells at Kaji to stop him. While scoring, Kenji on the fall twists his right foot. Kaji apologizes to Tobi and tells him that he got carried away. Kenji makes the 2 free throws and exists the court. The game continues, and Kaji scores the next point for Kikugawa High and gets Yasuhara fouled for a three-point play. The first half ends with a single-digit difference; the score is 17 to 19. Nino tries to score at the start of the second half, but the Kuzu-High defense stops him; the ball touches the rim. Ryuji gets the rebound and fouls Momoharu. He makes the 2 free throws; the score is now tied 19 to 19. Kaname joins Kuzu-High and tries his hook shot; the score is 23 to 21. 4 minutes remains for the game to end. Kaji and Ryuji score the upcoming points for their team. The tables have turned Kikugawa High leads by 2 points. Nino easily drive passes Sora and scores the point; the tally is 27 to 23. Yasuhara tells Sora to pass him the ball. When the opportunity arrives, Yasuhara misses the shot. Kikugawa scores a couple of points; the lead is now 29 to 23. Sora has the ball, Nino tries to challenge him 1-on-1, he passes the ball to Yasuhara, the ball doesn't go in, and it is about to fall out of the rim Momoharu grabs the ball and dunks it. The crowd goes bananas. Kikugawa number 7 tries to make the free throw Momoharu grabs the rebound and passes to Yasuhara, who makes the layup. The score is 27 to 29, with 1 minute left in the game, a two-point difference. Nino smiles; he seems to be enjoying the intensity of this match. Ryuji stares at him with concern but doesn't say anything to him. Someone from the crowd chants Nino's name. He looks at them and sees his former school colleagues who came to cheer him on from Gunma. Nino smiles at them and whispers to himself, "dumbasses all of them, and we only knew each other for 3 months." Seeing their support gave him strength as he tries to score a point. Chiaki blocks him, and Nino passes the ball to his teammate, who scores. Kikugawa leads by 4 points. Chiaki tells Sora to take this opportunity and try going 1-on-1 with Nino. Sora tries to challenge him; during that time, Ryuji gets into foul trouble with Momoharu. Nino tells him, "You're a Complete Nincompoop Afterall." This is not the time to get into fouls. During that time, Madoka arrives to offer some support to Kuzuryu High. Sora sees her and gets energized. Kurumatani drive passes Nino and scores the point. Now a single-digit difference, the tally is 29 to 31. Kikugawa High calls a timeout. Nino tells his teammates there is no need to worry. He will not let Sora score any more points. The game begins, and Nino scores a three-pointer. The gap is back to four points. Mokichi scores the next point for Kuzu-High and offers Sora some words of wisdom that we can do it. Nino passes the ball to Ryuji, who tries to score but is blocked by Momoharu. Yasuhara grabs the ball; Kaji stops him. The ball fall of the rim and Chiaki gets the rebound. Nino shouts to his teammates, don't let the old man (Chiaki) pass it inside foul him, and deal with the free throws later. Chiaki passes to Sora. Nino is shocked that he let his guard down. Sora scores the three-pointer, and the tally is 34 to 33; Kuzuryu High is leading. With 4 seconds remaining, Kaji grabs the ball and slips, passes everyone, and scores the final point. At the end of the game, Ryuji approaches Nino and tells him not to abandon Kikugawa High like the previous schools. Nino smiles at him and goes to greet his former school colleagues from Gunma. Sora approached Nino and tried to congratulate him on his victory. Nino interjects Sora and tells him that he felt humiliated when Sora passed him effortlessly. He says my pride won't let me accept this victory. The next time when they meet, it will be a regulated match.


Nino was a national level MVP in his middle school an efficient, and skilled point guard, one who can score effectively from the inside and outside. An agile athlete, who can swiftly create space between himself and his adversary.

Physical Ability
Mental Strength
Special Ability


  • "Are ya newbies!? Don't mind don't mind... We're all friends in basketball." - to Kuzuryū High (Chapter 144)
  • "You're doing some fancy moves there, Big Bro." - to Kaname Shigeyoshi (Chapter 145)
  • "I really don't like that title... Don't call me 'Prince' I am just lucky, that's about it." - to Okita Ryuji (Chapter 145)
  • "And yet... I got an award for being small. Just like 'Kaze no Matasa-Buro' I can't stay too long at a school. I doubt I will make a year here at Kikugawa High. That's why club activities ain't for me." - to Kaname Shigeyoshi and Sora Kurumatani (Chapter 145)
  • "Who said anything about joining. I said I'd think about." - to Okita Ryuji (Chapter 145)
  • The FEZ (Monster Bash Tournament) is kind of a small deal compared to the real club stuff. But to me all games are the same. Always full power and never forget to smile!!!... So, don’t lose till we meet and have fun.” – to Sora Kurumatani (Chapter 146)
  • "That guy Tokiwa just now a friend of yours?... That guy is extremely good. I just can. I've always been able to somehow assess skills." - To Sora Kurumatani (Chapter 147)
  • "Hey, what's your name?... Noa-chan? You got a nice name. Say... I got a favor to ask you. If we win this game would you go out on a date with me? I really really like ya? I'll get more power if you promise me. Please... Really? It's a promise then. Yossha." - to Nao Nanao (Chapter 150)
  • "That last drive of yours and that demon old man's (Chiaki) killer pass. The humiliation of getting passed so easy. I am a fragile 'Virgo' with 'Blood Type A' you know. My pride won't accept a victory like that." - to Sora Kurumatani (Chapter 154)


  • The name Akihito means "bright" (昭) (aki) and "compassionate" (仁) (hito).
  • Akihito's surname Ninomiya means "two" (二) (ni) and "temple, shrine, palace" (宮) (miya).


  • Everyone on the team calls him Nino.