Broken Wings (折れた翼, Oreta Tsubasa) is the fifth episode of the Ahiru no Sora anime. The opening theme is Happy Go Ducky! which is performed by the pillows. The ending theme is Tsubasa which is performed by saji.


Tokiwa thinks he's found a way to shut Sora out of the paint, but the pint-sized powerhouse still has a trick up his sleeve that could turn this game around!


At the start of the first quarter, Momoharu and Sora come up with a secret plan. Meanwhile, Chiba is thinking of a countermeasure to their rapid progress. Tokiwa informs him that he has discovered Sora's weakness that he can't shoot from the left side. Kurumatani being unaware of his vulnerability suddenly, the game's tide began to shift in Shinmaruko High favor. Tokiwa and his teammates completely changed their pace. Tokiwa continued to exploit Sora's shooting, and Kuzuryu High is unable to gain any momentum. During the timeout, Sora informs his teammates not to change their strategy and promises that he will score points for his team. However, when the match resumes, Kurumatani's last two attempts to score goes unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, Chiaki waits for his date under the Kawasaki bridge. Her name is 'Yu,' and she arrives. Seeing her, Chiaki feels shocked and disappointed due to her terrible caked in liked makeup. She doesn't look the same in her profile photo. Yu informs Chiaki that she is a fan of Tokiwa, and the reason she came to meet him because Shinmaruko High has a practice match with Kuzuryu High. Chiaki agrees to take her and ends up watching the game.

As things were already worse for Sora and his gang, Yasuhara gave his fifth foul and left the game. Now with only four members, the fatigue of Kuzu-High is at its peak. During the timeout, Chiba gets angry at his colleagues, especially Kuchiki, for baiting Kuzuryu High into fouls. Shinichi tells his teammates never to underestimate their opponent, play fair by the rules and always give your 100% in every game, even when playing against a newly formed team.

When the match resumes, Sora sprains his wrist and is now unable to shoot. Kurumatani reminisces his mothers' words and, to reserve his energy, resorts to a shooting technique taught by her, known as 'female style two-handed shot.' Sora makes the basket, and the attitude of his teammates suddenly changes.

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Episode Staff

  • Storyboard: Shingo Tamaki
  • Director: Yasuyuki Fuse
  • Animation Director: Park Changhwan, Hong Yumi, Lee Jiwon


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