Broken Wings(Oreta Tsubasa) is the fifth episode of the Ahiru no sora anime.

Summary[edit | edit source]

With Tokiwa figuring Sora’s weakness, Kuzu High is unable to score points like this. Sora promises that he will score points and that the last two throws were unlucky.

Chiaki waits for a date under a bridge. When she arrives, he feels a little disappointed because she’s caked in bad makeup. She says she wants to watch the basketball game and that she is a fan of Tokiwa. Chiaki agrees to take her and ends up watching the game.

Chiba is angry with his teammates for baiting Kuzu team into fouls. He says they should do their best in every game, even when it’s against a team they’re better than.

Sora sprains his wrist. He’s unable to use that hand. In game he resorts to using the technique his mother taught him, it’s a female style, two-handed shot. It’s to reserve energy. He makes the basket.

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