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"Broken Wings" is the tenth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Tokiwa vs. Sora

After recognizing Sora's weakness, Tokiwa does another one of his signature backhand passes, and Shinmaruko High is slowly starting to catch up. An excited Sora apologizes to his teammates for his poor defense. Momoharu seeing Kurumatani's expression informs Yasuhara that Sora looks like he is playing around with his girlfriend. It's Kuzuryu High's possession of the ball, and this time Tokiwa guards Sora very carefully. While dribbling, Sora requests Tokiwa to stop him with all his power. Sora does another one of his crossover moves. Tokiwa then praises Sora that he has got good handles.

The 24 seconds shot clock violation is about to run out, and Momoharu yells at Sora to pass the ball to him and unoticingly heads to the left side of the court. Tokiwa then teases him that he is not going the pass the ball to his teammates. Annoyed by his comment, Sora tries to score a three-pointer. Chiba then yells at Tokiwa that he isn't doing enough to guard Sora. The ball touches the rim, and Tokiwa smiles that he was right. The rest of the Kuzuryu High squad is shocked that it is their first-time witnessing Sora miss a three-pointer. Momoharu then grabs the rebound and passes it to Sora. Tokiwa again guards him carefully and teases Sora, and forces him to make another three-pointer. The ball doesn't go in, and Tokiwa then informs Sora that the left side of the court is his fatal weakness. Kento praises Tokiwa for his efficient defense, and Momoharu calls the referee for a timeout.

While heading towards his bench, Tokiwa mocks Sora that a bird that has its wings broken can only fall. Annoyed and irritated by his remarks, Sora head towards his team's bench. The rest of the Shinmaruko High praises Tokiwa for his efficient defense and tells him that he was right about Sora's inability to score from the left side. Tokiwa informs his teammates that this is a common weakness amongst shooting guards. Meanwhile, Yasuhara, Nabe, and Chucky get angry at Sora for missing the last two three-pointers. Madoka yells at them and tries to stop them for blaming Sora and informs them that not every three-pointer can go in. At the Kawasaki bridge, Tomo finally shows up. Chiaki is shocked to see her, and out of happiness, he starts to cry. Tomo apologizes to Chiaki for showing up late, and then she requests him to take her to his school to see the ongoing practice match between Shinmaruko High and Kuzuryu High.