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"Kids Are Alright" is the one hundredth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Kenji challenges Karasawa to 1-on-1 basketball match

Upon hearing Mrs. Satsuki’s side of the story about her husband's adversities in being the team’s advisor, Momoharu politely excuses himself from their residence. While heading home, a depressed Momoharu sees an unhealthy Kaname. The city locals, on seeing Kaname’s poor health insisted on calling an ambulance. On being a good friend, Momoharu assisted Kaname by providing him with a water bottle and then assures the city locals the situation is under control. He is Kaname’s friend and colleague from school. Both have a brief conversation, and upon departing, Kaname informs Momoharu that it will be lonely underneath the basketball hoop without him as their leader.

At Jonan University, news spread about a high school freshman with a braided hairstyle going all over Kawasaki city and challenging people at different institutions and basketball dojos to a 1-on-1 basketball match. While students at Jonan are conversing about this troubling incident, a determined Kenji makes his intimidating appearance on their court. Upon arrival, Kenji bluntly asks as to who is their teams’ ace. Karasawa, the teams’ captain, hears about this news from his teammates. He heads to the court. Upon arrival, Karasawa is astonished by Kenji’s skinny and muscular physique. Karasawa is in severe doubt that this thin high school freshman defeated his friend and rival Mitsuhashi to a 1-on-1 basketball challenge. Kenji wears his basketball sneakers and mentally prepares for the match. Karasawa approaches him, politely introduces himself as Jonan University’s captain and asks Kenji why is he doing this?

Sora and Chiaki practicing at Kaname's residense

Kenji replies because he wants to become a stronger basketball athlete in high school. Upon hearing, all the people at the court start to laugh at Kenji’s response. Karasawa urges his teammates to quiet down and straightforwardly informs Kenji that he doesn’t like his cold and fearless attitude. They have been practicing on the court for the past 4 hours, and all of them are entirely exhausted. Karasawa also states setting aside their physique differences showing up this late at their institution and challenging him isn’t fair. Kenji shows Karasawa Nao’s training regimen. Everyone at Jonan University is astonished and amazed at his rigorous training routine. Karasawa then confidently accepts Kenji’s challenge. While heading to the court, Kenji recalls the conversation he had with his sister Juri that on which he promised her to meet at the Inter-High Tournament. Karasawa gives Kenji the honors to start the match. While dribbling, Kenji tells himself that he is not confused anymore. No matter deep he will fall. He will rise to the top.

At Shigeyoshi's residence, Chiaki and Sora unannounced are using Kaname’s basketball court for practice. Chiaki does one of his signature backhand passes. Sora efficiently receives it and confidently makes the three-pointer. Sora praises Chiaki for his exceptional passing skills. Chiaki, in return, thanks, Sora, for the compliments. A tired Kaname reaches his residence, and he is astonished to see Chiaki and Sora without his permission using his basketball court. Kaname questions both of them as to what they are doing? A carefree and sarcastic Chiaki responds they are playing duck, duck and goose, can’t you tell! Kaname rewords his question and states, barging into someone’s house without seeking their permission? A cheerful Sora responds that they’re his friends and can they use his court anytime. A confused Kaname replies they can use it a little bit. Chiaki bluntly tells Kaname that he showed up late to their practice, and they’re about to conclude their session. At present, their team has been disbanded and going forward, both will be using his basketball court, and there is no reason for him to complain. Kaname responds that this is his house. Chiaki and Sora continue to practice. Kaname sits by and watches both of them. Kaname is amazed that both are practicing efficiently due to low visibility and nighttime. Sora messes up the timing of his three-pointer. Chiaki notices it and dunks it. Upon witnessing, Kaname comments that Chiaki’s ideal position isn’t a guard but rather a forward. After practice, Chiaki and Sora then have dinner at Kaname’s residence. A confused Kaname questions his friends again, what are they doing? Chiaki responds, they’re hungry and eating here.

Momoharu shortens his hair

Sora politely asks Kaname’s mother for another dish. Upon seeing their unusual appetite, Mrs. Shigeyoshi responds that they should have never let Kaname enroll at Kuzuryu High. Sayuri reassures her mother both Chiaki and Sora are harmless than they look. Kaname gives his opinion, going forward, all three of them have to show a shared determination. Chiaki tries to confirm that he means reaching the Inter-High Tournament. Kaname agrees and states that this team has the skills and ability to achieve that goal. Chiaki responds that besides reaching the Inter-High Tournament, his other purpose is to become the best basketball player in high school. Upon hearing, Sora becomes enthusiastic and comments that their team needs all the other members to return to the club as soon as possible. Without Momoharu Kuzuryu High basketball team looks incomplete. Meanwhile, at Hanazono residence, Momoharu to atone for his wrongdoings, he trims his hair. Afterwards, a resolved Momoharu quietly stares at the mirror and notices a different person within himself.