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"The Wild One" is the one hundredth and five chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Tarou vs. Fuwa

On realizing his weaknesses and witnessing Tarou’s talent, an enthusiastic Fuwa stares at his adversary and regains his level of excitement to compete in the match. To see her cousin’s performance, an excited Nao travels from Kawasaki to Hiratsuka city. Upon arriving at Hiratsuka subway station, Nao asks a city resident for directions toward the Tokkei Security Hiratsuka Gymnasium. Upon receiving proper guidance, Nao makes her way towards the sports center and hopes she is not too late to watch the match.

The intense match between Kitasumi High and Yokohama Taiei High has reached the final stages, and only 5 minutes remain to conclude the fourth quarter. Tarou’s relentless scoring and his team’s unwavering performance have managed to close the deficit gap to single digits. The score is 76 to 68, and Yokohama Taiei High currently leads the match by 8 points. Fuwa and his teammates are trying their utmost best to maintain their lead. Upon witnessing Kitasumi High’s better-than-expected performance, Sakamaki praises Tarou’s team for their tenacious precision and swiftness. Nagisa, Kitasumi High captain, efficiently grabs the rebound and passes the ball to Tarou. Koga, Kitasumi High’s coach, encourages his squad to score. Fuwa, this time guards Tarou seriously. On seeing the mismatch, Katori request Tarou to pass him the ball. Fuwa notices his adversary’s backhand pass and attempts to block him. Tarou outsmarts his opponent by doing a fake backhand motion pass and, due to his swiftness, successfully scores the layup shot. Hence, this makes Tarou’s fifth in a row successful scoring attempt, and the deficit gap shortens to six points.

Yakuma blocks Katori from scoring

Upon witnessing, the onlookers in the arena comment that Kitasumi High is a persistent team and can actually win the match. Yakuma praises Tarou’s scoring effort and states that he is a real deal. Sakamaki agrees with his pupil's suggestion and comments that he expects nothing less from Koga’s team. However, their team won’t fall easily without a fight. The freshmen at Kitasumi High also praise their upperclassman Tarou for his performance and believe that their team is not that weak. Tarou urges his teammates to tighten their defense and that they are in range to win this match. While dribbling, Moriyama, Yokohama Taiei High captain, suggests that going forward, their team can’t make any more mistakes, and they need to do something to disrupt their adversary pace. Moriyama further comments that they’ll use the remaining time to their advantage and requests Yakuma to weaken Kitasumi High’s presence underneath the goal post. Moriyama then critiques Fuwa’s performance and advises that if he cannot score, pass the ball to him or their peers. Moriyama then passes the ball to Fuwa and goes inside the paint area. Upon receiving the pass, Fuwa, without hesitation, shoots and scores the three-pointer. The deficit gap widens to nine points.

Upon witnessing, Kitasumi High uses their teams’ swiftness to their advantage. Katori, to disrupt his adversary's morale, attempts to make a quick layup shot scoring attempt. Yakuma from underneath the goal post efficiently blocks him. The onlookers in the arena praise Yakuma’s defense that it was a scary block and question how high did he jump? Fuwa grabs the loose ball and tries to make another quick scoring attempt. The first-year members of Kitasumi High urge their teammates to stop their adversary from scoring and request Tarou not to let them score from outside the three-point line. Upon hearing, Tarou assures his freshmen that he will not let Fuwa have the opportunity to score. While dribbling, an excited Fuwa stares at Tarou, states that he is fortunate to meet him, and enjoyed the competition. However, their match is approaching its conclusion, and now it’s time to say bye-bye. Fuwa efficiently evades Tarou’s defense and tries to score. Nagisa tries to stop him. Fuwa effortlessly makes a jump shot and while the ball is in the air. Fuwa, to tease his opponent, confidently looks towards his team’s side of the court. Fuwa’s mid-range jump shot was a success, and the deficit gap widens to eleven points.

Sei Shiraishi returns to the match

Kitasumi High’s efforts to stop their opponent from scoring remain futile. Just before Tarou’s team can do any necessary amendments to stop their adversary, Sakamaki requests the referee for a member change. The ace of Yokohama Taiei High, Sei Shiraishi, makes his intimidating appearance on to the court. Nao finally reaches the Inter-High Kanagawa Prefecture Tournament venue and tries to find the arena where her cousin Tarou’s team is competing. Before she can find it, Nao sees Katori in the stadium’s hall. Nao is late, and Tarou’s match has already concluded. Katori is in charge of taking care of all the luggage of his teammates. Katori sees Nao and asks if other members from Kuzuryu High are accompanying her? Nao politely asks Katori, where is Tarou? Before Katori can tell her, Nao sees an extremely depressed Tarou cursing himself for the loss. Upon seeing him, Nao decides not to talk to Tarou. Tokiwa’s team Shinmaruko High is also present at the tournament venue, and alongside Nao, he also sees a dejected Tarou. Tokiwa decides to approach Tarou and gives some words of encouragement to his good friend and rival. Chiba stops Tokiwa and requests his teammate not to bother Tarou because it is not a good time to speak with him, and there aren’t any words that can comfort a defeated individual. The road to the Inter-High Tournament is blocked by a thick wall that’s taller than any of us can imagine.