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"Fight for Rock for Life 2" is the one hundredth and eight chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Kaname seeking permission from the science club advisor to use the basketball court

The anticipated Inter-High Kanagawa Prefecture finals match between Shinmaruko High and Yokohama Taiei High begins. Meanwhile, at Kuzuryu High, Kaname seeks permission from his chemistry’s club advisor if his suspended basketball team can use the gym on the holidays or weekends. The advisor assures Kaname that his team can use the court on the days off. Kaname thanks him and also apologizes for making such an odd request. The advisor replies that he was his former science club member, there is no need to worry about it, and asks Kaname about the basketball team's state and has the club found an advisor? Kaname responds his team hasn’t found anyone as of yet. In a few weeks, a basketball practice match will take place, and his team will compete against the powerhouse Yokohama Taiei High. Almost all of the faculty members and teachers will be in attendance to watch the game. Kaname then requests his chemistry mentor to consider becoming his teams’ advisor. He politely turns down the offer, informs Kaname he is already an advisor for the science club and assures that not all the teachers at school are against his basketball team.

Upon hearing, Kaname then excuses himself. While he is about to leave, the advisor asks Kaname if he enjoys playing the sport of basketball? Kaname smiles, confirms he likes it and notifies that he dislikes doing running exercises. A confused science club advisor stares at Kaname and quietly questions, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of sports, then! However, he is glad to see Kaname happy and wishes him good luck in his future endeavors. Kaname then heads over to the schools’ bicycle parking rack. He unlocks his bike and heads towards his residence. As he is about to exit the school’s vicinity, Kaname hears the dribbling sound from the gym and wonders who is using it? Kaname opens the entrance door of the gym and sees his teammates Yasuhara, Naba and Masahiro practicing. All three of them are surprised to see Kaname and question what he is doing here? Kaname replies, it's Sunday, and I could say the same thing about you, senpais. Kaname questions his seniors that they’re using the court without seeking permission from the school staff and what if they get into trouble? Yasuhara replies, there is nothing wrong with students playing or practicing around their own school.

Kento scores the three-pointer

Upon hearing, a confused Kaname stares at his senior. Masahiro informs his colleagues that he feels a bit thirsty. Yasuhara requests Kaname to lend them some money, so they buy refreshments. Kaname bluntly refuses and exits the gym. Nabe heads outside and asks Kaname to wait. Kaname informs him if it's about money, he has none. Nabe replies he is not here to ask for money and needs advice on finding his role on the team. Kaname questions what does he mean by role? Nabe replies that Yasuhara has recently become better on the team. At their last match, referring to the Inter-High Preliminaries, Masahiro had an assist, scored some points, and it seems both have a sense of adapting to a role of a guard. In comparison to them, he hasn’t had any kind of success on the team, and what should he do? It’s not like he wants to become a star or ace on the team, just a helpful member who can support his teammates. Nabe then asks Kaname what position does their team need, which he can adapt? Kaname thinks about it for a while and replies that he is a center. It might seem a bit selfish on his part, and he would like to have another outside player on the team, referring to a shooting guard. Nabe asks, what does he mean by that exactly?

Meanwhile, at the Kanagawa Prefecture Tournament. Kento Sawa efficiently scores the three-pointer, and this is his second three in a row. The score is 20 to 17, and Shinmaruko High leads the match by 3 points. All the spectators and tournament officials praise Shinmaruko High for being a formidable opponent of Yokohama Taiei High. One of the press members notifies his colleague that he thought Shinmaruko High was just a team that gathered only tall members. They’re a well-balanced team that can competently score from the inside and outside. Their center Shinichi Chiba has excellent basketball skills. The coworker agrees, and she replies that Shinmaruko High undeniably can compete on the national level. An impressed, Sakamaki looks at Shinmaruko High and praises that their team has gotten more decisive on offence since he previously saw them at the Kanto Tournament. However, Yokohama Taiei High answers right back, and the deficit is down to single digits.

Chiba attempting to block Yakuma from scoring

On seeing the high-level performance from both teams, Nao comments that she is not surprised that Shinmaruko High and Yokohama Taiei High are exceptionally great teams. Takahashi agrees and states that’s why both teams are competing at this tournament compared to regional prelim flunkies like them. Nao notifies Takahashi that Yokohama Taiei High requested to have a practice match with her team. A confused Takahashi looks at Nao and tries to confirm a practice match. Nao further comments that she is confident that Yokohama Taiei High will only use their freshmen players against them. Kojima replies that the rumors about the practice game with Kuzuryu High were true and explains to Nao that Yokohama Taiei High, on average every year, aims to play 300 games. Sora is astonished to hear that. Takahashi confirms and urges Sora and Nao to prepare themselves thoroughly because Yokohama Taiei High is a highly competitive team, and they don’t go easy on any of their opponents. The intense match finals match between Yokohama Taiei High and Shinmaruko High continues. Chiba has the ball possession, and Yokohama Taiei High’s center faces problems guarding him. Chiba uses his height, strength to his advantage and efficiently scores the mid-range jump shot.

Upon seeing the tournament officials informs his colleague that Yokohama Taiei High is an exceptional team but lacks tall players. His colleague agrees and states it's always been their biggest obstacle, and Shinmaruko High is a strong team on attaining points inside the paint area. Sakamaki requests the referee for the timeout. Sakamaki notifies his squad that their team rhythm is off, and he switches the lineup. Yakuma joins the starting lineup, and he will be guarding Chiba. A confused Yakuma informs his instructor Miyamoto-senpai would be a better replacement because Chiba is at least 10 cm taller than him. Sakamaki replies that basketball isn’t a sport about what you can and can’t do. It’s about whether you’re willing to do something or not. Sora asks Takahashi is Yokohama Taiei High a strong team? Takahashi agrees and comments that Yokohama Taiei High’s strength is what you call ‘explosive strength.’ Nao asks what does he mean by explosive strength. Kojima replies it means their skills as an actual team are pretty mediocre. Sora smiles and confidently states his team might have a chance to defeat Yokohama Taiei High. Kojima disagrees and tells Sora that there is no way his team can win. However, as a fellow basketball player, Kojima encourages Sora to give his best, and he believes that nothing is impossible if one gives their best efforts. Kojima informs Sora that his team Kuzuryu High was their worthy opponent, and his team's explosive strength made them shake in their boots. Sora is astonished to hear that.

Kojima praising Kuzuryu High for being their worthy adversary

The timeout concludes. Yakuma does a fake jump shot and passes the ball to his teammate, who then scores. Their team grabs the lead, and the score is 23 to 21. Four minutes remain in the conclusion of the second quarter. A worried Kento informs his captain that Yokohama Taiei High is not backing down. Chiba agrees and states if Yokohama Taiei High was such an easy team to defeat. Anybody could have won over them. Chiba urges Tokiwa that matches flow lies in his hand and encourages him to give his best efforts. Tokiwa smiles and, while dribbling, he urges his teammates to regroup, calm down, and score some points. On noticing, Takahashi tells Kojima that Tokiwa is trying to stop Yokohama Taiei High’s scoring streak. Kojima agrees and states he has to because the Yokohama Taiei High is a better-skilled team than theirs. While guarding Tokiwa, Moriyama tells himself not to let his guard down because his adversary is a skilled athlete who can efficiently make three-pointers. Tokiwa tries to shake off Moriyama, and he is unsuccessful. He sees his unmarked captain inside the paint area and passes the ball to Chiba, who quickly scores the layup shot.

Momoharu arrives at Tokkei Security Hiratsuka Gymnasium

Sora praises Tokiwa’s skills and comments what a quick laser beam pass towards the goal. One of the fangirls also praises Tokiwa and states, isn’t he cool, good-looking, and just my type. The supporters of Yokohama Taiei High become quiet, and one of the spectators gives his opinion that Shinmaruko High is dominating the match and might cause an upset at the Kanagawa prefecture finals. Momoharu arrives at Hiratsuka, and he asks a city resident for directions towards the Tokkei Security Hiratsuka Gymnasium. On receiving proper guidance, Momoharu is confident that Yokohama Taiei High is a strong team and will win the match against Shinmaruko High.