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"Supreme Humiliation" is the eleventh chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Chiba dunks on Momoharu

Tomo finally shows up at the Kawasaki bridge and then requests Chiaki to take her to his school to watch the practice game between Kuzuryu High and Shinmaruko High. Tomo then informs Hanazono that she is a massive fan of Shinmaruko High's ace Tokiwa. Meanwhile, at the ongoing practice match, Shinmaruko High continues to show their dominance. Chiba then receives an efficient pass from Tokiwa and then goes for one of his signature ferocious dunks. Momoharu tries to stop him, and Chiba viciously dunks on him. The referee then calls out for a defensive foul. Chiba, while attempting to make the free-throw, Yasuhara complains to his teammates that why does Shinichi get a chance to shoot. Momoharu informs Yasuhara that he caused that foul and further explained that if Chiba had missed that dunk, he would have gotten a chance to make two free throws, and since he scored, it is one free throw.

A concerned Madoka looks at the scoreboard and tells herself that ever since Tokiwa found out Sora's weakness, Kuzuryu High has been unable to score. An exhausted and tired Sora tries to score desperately, and Tokiwa steals the ball from him and goes for a layup. Sora catches up to him and tries to block, similar to Momoharu, gets himself into a defensive foul. Tokiwa easily makes the free-throw and Shinmaruko High continue to expand their lead over Kuzuryu High.

During that time, Chiaki and Tomo make their way to the court. Meanwhile, Yasuhara gets himself in foul trouble. Momoharu then yells at Yasuhara to be careful and tells him that this is his fourth foul. Hanazono further explains to Yasuhara one more foul will get him disqualified from the game. Shinmaruko High's small forward, Kuchiki, purposely bumps into Yasuhara and gets him disqualified from the match. Kento, Shinmaruko High shooting guard, praises Kuchiki. Chiba then calls the referee for the timeout. A furious and angry Chiba tells his teammates that he is an honest basketball player and hates people who play the sport with utmost dishonesty. He further explains no matter how weak their opponents are; his team should give their 100 percent.  

Upon seeing Chiba's angry demeanor, Tokiwa praises him and informs Shinichi that he likes that kind of leadership from his captain. Chiba then tells Tokiwa to be serious and not get carried away since they have a considerable lead. A concerned Madoka looks at a tired, exhausted Kuzuryu High. Sora informs his teammates not to give up, the match hasn't ended, and he has no intention of losing.