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"Fight for Rock for Life 4" is the one hundredth and ten chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Tokiwa vs. Shiraishi

Ever since Shiraishi joined the match, Yokohama Taiei High has taken the lead. Shiraishi’s team leads by seven points. A stunned Shinmaruko High looks at the scoreboard, and about 2 minutes remain to conclude the third quarter. On witnessing Shiraishi’s exceptional basketball skills, one of the spectators in the arena gives his opinion that he is a sophomore, in the middle school was a point guard, and questions what kind of training Shiraishi went through to attain an advanced level of basketball skill? A resolute Chiba tries to answer back with a jump shot. Yakuma efficiently blocks him. The onlookers in the crowd praise Yakuma’s defensive skills and comment that he jumped higher than Chiba, who is at least 2 meters tall. The ball goes out of bounds, and the referee indicates Shinmaruko High ball possession. Moriyama praises Yakuma for his blocking effort. Upon hearing, Yakuma criticizes himself that his timing on blocking that shot was a bit off, and he caused his adversary to attain ball possession.

Okano, the assistant coach, notices Yakuma’s efforts. He informs Sakamaki that in this match, particularly Yakuma’s blocks and rebounds have reached double-digits. If Yakuma continues to perform like this in future, he will become a competent and skilled blocker. Sakamaki agrees but critiques Yakuma’s stubborn behavior and notifies Okano that it wasn’t easy for him to get Yakuma to adapt to the role of a center. Okano praises Shiraishi’s efforts, and since joining their school, he has improved drastically and questions Sakamaki how he trained him? Sakamaki replies he didn’t teach Shiraishi anything. Shiraishi always had that drive, passion and competitive spirit to improve. Sakamaki further states he only gave Shiraishi some instructions, and if you want to win, then get the points yourself. A frustrated Tokiwa tries to guard Shiraishi. The people in the crowd notice the change in the matchup and gives his opinion a true, genuine ace showdown. His companion agrees and states now the legit battle between either ace of the team begins. Shiraishi uses his speed and agility to his advantage. He efficiently passes by Tokiwa and attempts the mid-range jump shot. Chiba is a bit confused about whether to block Shiraishi because when he did, Shiraishi, in mid-air, passed the ball to his teammate. While Chiba is in his state of confusion, Tokiwa from behind blocks Shiraishi from scoring.

Yakuma blocks Chiba from scoring

The referee sounds the whistle and indicates a defensive foul by number 11. Tokiwa questions the referee and notifies him that he only touched the ball and not his adversary while blocking. The referee disagrees with Tokiwa’s reasoning. Shiraishi heads to the free-throw line and effortlessly scores both the free-throw attempts. Everyone in the arena is amazed by Yokohama Taiei High’s exceptional performance and is confident Shiraishi’s team will surely win. Tokiwa requests his captain only to assist him in scoring when unmarked. To confuse their opponents, Tokiwa urges Chiba to pretend like you’re helping the team out in scoring and only follow through once their team is inside the three point-line. A determined Tokiwa encourages his team to score more points. Chiba is amazed by Tokiwa’s leadership and praises him for being a talented athlete. Shinmaruko High follows Tokiwa’s instruction, and Kento scores the three-pointer. Moriyama leads his teams' offence and, without hesitation, passes the ball to Shiraishi. A resolute Tokiwa guards him. A frustrated Shiraishi guise at his adversary and states it's him again.

Sora is amazed at Tokiwa’s defensive skills and informs Kojima he didn’t know, Tokiwa was a great defender. Shiraishi passes the ball back to Moriyama. Kuchiki manages to steal the ball. The onlookers in the crowd comment an interception, and the height advantage of the Shinmaruko High team is undoubtedly showing up. As his team’s point guard, Tokiwa leads the offence and passes the ball to his captain. Yakuma and his number 7 teammate double-team Chiba. On seeing his adversary's talented defensive skills, Chiba gives his opinion that there is a saying that height is a talent. However, competing in the Inter-High Kanagawa prefecture tournament has made him understand and realized just how mediocre an athlete he is? Chiba is unfazed by his adversary and viciously dunks. Everyone in the crowd becomes energized on seeing dunk. The referee whistles and indicate basket count and one free-throw attempt. Tokiwa gives a high five to his captain. Chiba gains his confidence and shares his opinion that mediocre people like them who managed to crawl up the ranks will never lose.

Fuwa Hyou dunks

A frustrated Sakamaki subs in Fuwa and requests his pupil not to do anything reckless in these last 4 minutes and score as many points as possible. Fuwa agrees and states he was waiting for the opportunity to compete, and off I go. Chiba successfully scores the free throw. Shiraishi has the ball possession. On seeing Fuwa join the match, Takahashi informs Nao the game is getting intense. The entire assembly hall, which was all frenzy or uninterested, has gotten quiet, and now they’re eagerly watching the match. Sora informs Kojima he is interested in seeing what Fuwa has to offer in this match. Besides him, everyone in the arena is staring at Fuwa, and Sora is confident that Fuwa will do something no one will ever forget. Moriyama, without hesitation, passes the ball to Fuwa. Kuchiki tries to stop Fuwa from scoring, and with his uneven form, Fuwa manages to score the layup shot. Everyone in the arena is amazed that the ball barely touched the rim, and Fuwa did a finger-roll layup. Shiraishi alone was troublesome for Shinmaruko High, and now their team will have to deal with Fuwa. One person in attendance informs his colleague that Fuwa is a freshman at Yokohama Taiei High.

On seeing Fuwa’s odd hair color and appearance, Sora critiques Yokohama Taiei High’s choice of recruiting unusual players on their team. Takahashi explains to Sora their team’s strategy. Before Shiraishi gets himself in a position to shoot, he effectively creates space between himself and the defender. Due to this reason, Shiraishi’s scoring success rate is 100%. On the other hand, there is Fuwa, who goes into the most crowded area to score. Combine a player like Fuwa with a catalyst-type athlete Shiraishi, and it becomes a whole different kind of trouble team. Shiraishi passes the ball to Fuwa. A confused Kuchiki attempts to stop him. Fuwa displays his street basketball skills and effortlessly passes by his adversary’s defense. At that moment, Kenji arrives at the arena and furiously glares at Fuwa. On seeing Fuwa’s exceptional skills, Kenji gets a bit frustrated. Fuwa attempts to score, and Chiba tries to stop him. While in mid-air, Fuwa switches the ball from his right hand to his left hand. On seeing it, the referee becomes impressed and is confident Fuwa shifted his weight. Even so, that type of skill requires one to have flexible muscles, and Fuwa must have practiced extensively to where he is right now. Fuwa scores the layup shot and gets a foul call in his favor. The referee whistles and indicate offensive foul by number 4; this is Chiba’s fourth foul. An anxious Kojima looks at his good friend and informs Sora that if Chiba gets another foul, it's checkmate for Shinmaruko High.  

Yokohama Taiei High qualifies for the Inter-High Tournament

Sakamaki is impatiently counting every minute. About four minutes remain to conclude the match. Sakamaki, on seeing his team improved performance. He remains cautious and states that his team can’t let their guard down for even a second. A worried Tokiwa tries to give Chiba further instructions. Chiba intrudes and reassures Tokiwa no need to be concerned. There are still 4 minutes left to conclude the match. A nervous freshman of Shinmaruko High asks his coach Hitoshi to call for a timeout. Hitoshi disagrees and states that it won’t be necessary. If their team does that, they would be playing right into the hands of their adversary. Hitoshi is confident in Chiba’s skills, and him being the captain of their team, Hitoshi is leaving all the decision-making to Chiba. The match resumes, Chiba has the ball possession and encourages his teammates that this is the time to score, not give up until the last second, and if someone on the team shows any signs of lethargy or tiredness, he will beat that person up. Nao is amazed at Chiba’s leadership skills. Takahashi agrees and informs Nao something like that you can only learn it by experience. The number 4 jersey carries a lot of weight or burden on that individual's shoulders, from your skills to pulling your teammates together, and that person becomes the pillar of support for the team. Even in a situation like this, when the captain has four fouls, seeing his unyielding spirit or determination doesn’t make the other members feel a shred of uneasiness because that small number carries all the trust and faith of your comrades. That’s a captain’s job, and those are the responsibility of that position.

Momoharu finally arrives at the arena. Chiba scores the layup shot, and the point deficit reduces to nine points. After scoring, Chiba praises his valued coach and comrades for the trust his team has created. His school Shinmaruko High is infamous for being a troublesome institution in Kawasaki, and reaching the Inter-High Kanagawa Prefecture tournament wasn’t an easy task or a miracle for them. On competing at this tourney, Chiba is confident that the Inter-High Tournament is within grasp reach now. While attempting to score, Chiba tells himself how many times he has heard this saying “Just keep on dreaming.” Yakuma and his teammate try to stop Chiba from scoring. On seeing the two-person block, Chiba wishes that his team wins, this is his final year at high school, and he wants to compete or stand on this court a little longer. Chiba scores the layup shot. Sora and all the others at the arena praise Chiba for his unyielding spirit and determination. On seeing all the support or cheering, Chiba gains confidence and encourages his teammates to give their best efforts. This is not their last match of this tournament, and he will not let their Inter-High journey end here—an excited Shinmaruko High bench cheer for their team by chanting defense. Shiraishi has the ball possession. Tokiwa and Choji attempt to guard him. Shiraishi spins and makes an efficient crossover move. On escaping the two-person defense, Shiraishi gives an alley-oop pass to Fuwa. On receiving the pass, Fuwa does a two-handed reverse dunk. Everyone at the court is stunned and shocked to see Fuwa’s exceptional basketball skills.

Shiraishi questioning Tokiwa's decision on enrolling at Shinmaruko High

The match continues Shinmaruko High tries to close the deficit gap, and they’re unable. Shiraishi’s exceptional passing skills and Fuwa’s relentless scoring causes their team to win the match. The final score is 74 to 68. The daunting tug of war between the two teams has finally reached its conclusion. Yokohama Taiei High attain the runner-up position at the tourney. Alongside, Shougaku High from the Kanagawa region qualifies for the Inter-High Tournament. While thanking and shaking hands with his opponents, a depressed Chiba tells himself his hopes on reaching the Inter-High have ended. A sad and depressed Shinmaruko High squad tearfully looks down at the court. On seeing his dejected teammates, Chiba urges his comrades to stop being disappointed. We as a team gave our best efforts, not to have any regret, and Chiba encourages them to hold their heads high because their school is the fourth rank team in the Kanagawa region. Tokiwa and his teammates thanked their captain for the words of encouragement. On hearing the motivational words by his captain, Tokiwa comments that he indeed needed to hear those words of inspiration from Chiba. It was certainly a great match. We all gave our best efforts, and there is no regret in his heart. Separate from his team, a frustrated Chiba becomes upset at his performance. Before exiting the arena Tokiwa and his teammates try to relax or rest for a bit. Shiraishi makes his way to Shinmaruko High’s bench and questions Tokiwa why he decided to join a no-name school and could have gotten stronger if he had enrolled at a well-known institution.

Tokiwa replies that his intention wasn’t to play basketball but to join a band on enrolling at high school. What made him decide to return to the court was an invitation by his persistent captain. At first, he had no choice. However, it is too late for regrets now, and he won’t be quitting anytime soon. This match has lit a fire inside his heart, and he informs Shiraishi the next time they meet his team, Shinmaruko High will be victorious. On hearing Tokiwa’s response, Shiraishi comments a hot-headed individual and returns to his team’s bench. Shinmaruko High exits the court. Yakuma asks Shiraishi whether he knows Tokiwa, referring to an old acquaintance or rival. Shiraishi ignores Yakuma’s question and asks how many assists he has in the match? Yakuma replies about four. Shiraishi critiques Yakuma’s performance and asks that you feel satisfied by it? Yakuma becomes angry and critiques Shiraishi that their team would have attained more points if he had participated at the start of the match, and he is too dependent on their team's seniors. Shiraishi becomes frustrated and tells Yakuma not to block his path.

Yakuma curses Shiraishi for his rude and blunt behavior. In comparison to Shiraishi, Yakuma is pleased with his teams' performance. Earlier being defeated by Shougaku High, Yakuma was confident their team didn’t have a chance to make it into the Inter-High. Hence, this truly is a massive victory for his team, and they can now finally rest assured. Before exiting the arena, Sakamaki informs Okano that this year's Inter-High Tournament will be challenging and that their team can’t sit still. Sakamaki asks Okano how many practices matches they have before the tournament. Okano replies five games. Sakamaki agrees and gives his opinion to reach the top; he will restructure the entire team from the starting lineup to the bench members. An angry Kenji looks at the Yokohama Taiei High team as they exit the court. Kenji then curses his senior Nabe on agreeing to a practice match with them. At the same time, Kenji feels grateful for the opportunity to compete against Fuwa so soon and encourages himself to defeat his arch-rival.

Like Kenji, a confused Momoharu curses Nabe on agreeing to a practice match with Yokohama Taiei High. Momoharu then sees Chiba at the tournament hall and decides to greet him. Before Momoharu can meet him, the coaching instructor and manager from Johoku University try to recruit Chiba at their basketball club. Chiba is astonished to see the offer of recommendation. Takahashi intervenes in their discussion and informs the Johoku instructor his friend Chiba will gracefully decline the offer. A furious Chiba questions Takahashi about what he is doing and how dare he decide someone else’s future without asking them. Kojima replies that both he and Takahashi are enrolling at Seishu University and request Chiba to join them. All three friends will be at one institution, and let’s play together. The Johoku instructor informs Takahashi there is no basketball club at Seishu. Takahashi replies this is the reason they’re enrolling there. Chiba refuses his best friend's offer. Kojima responds that he is behaving rudely to them. Takahashi asks Chiba that he isn’t mad with him about the situation with Mi-chan. Tokiwa and his teammates ask Takahashi who is Mi-chan? Takahashi replies Mi-chan is a girl Chiba liked in grade school. Chiba confessed to her. Mi-chan turned him down, and she became my (Takahashi) girlfriend. Chiba angrily requests Takahashi not to discuss this matter with his comrades. Takahashi again asks Chiba to consider enrolling at Seishu University.

Sora and Nao see Takahashi, Kojima and the Shinmaruko High team at the arena hall. Sora feels happy for Chiba for having such good friends who care for him. Sora tells Nao to let us head back to Kawasaki. Nao asks Sora to say hello to Chiba and his friends? Sora replies, it’s alright. While exiting the arena, Sora recalls the way of life Chiba-san spoke to him is right here, referring to comrades or friends, and wishes he can become a great basketball player like Chiba. Sora bowed down in respect and thanked Chiba for giving him the great experience of watching a fantastic basketball match. Chiba again refuses the offer and informs his good friends he is not a university-type athlete. Upon graduating from high school, he has already decided to become an apprentice carpenter at his uncle's furniture store. The instructor and manager of Johoku University are disappointed to hear Chiba’s refusal and replies, what a waste. Chiba replies he has seven younger siblings, and at this time, he can’t be selfish. Kojima asks Takahashi did he know about Chiba’s siblings. Takahashi replies, yes, he knew about them.

A cheerful Nao and Sora exits the Tokkei Security Hiratsuka Gymnasium

On seeing the recommendation offers from two sides, Chiba informs them that he wants to manage somehow to keep playing basketball. He will think about their proposals at his graduation. Momoharu smiles at Chiba’s response, and on seeing the strong rapport of the Shinmaruko High team, gives his opinion this is called trust. Momoharu then exits the tournament venue, and outside he sees two familiar individuals. Sora praises that this was indeed a phenomenal match. Nao agrees and asks what his impression is of the Yokohama Taiei High team? Sora replies they’re a strong club and feels relieved all the team members seem pretty normal. Both Nao and Momoharu are shocked to hear Sora’s opinion about Yokohama Taiei High. A confused Nao asks Sora what is he saying? Momoharu quietly walks behind them. Sora and Nao didn’t notice him. Sora informs Nao that the way other people spoke of the Taiei High team made him believe they were a group of space aliens or something. Sora is confident in Kaname’s abilities, and he is self-assured their team’s defense inside the zone area will be better than Taiei High. Shiraishi performed exceptionally well in the match. However, Sora believes that Chiaki has better point guard abilities than Shiraishi.

Sora further states their team defense has drastically improved because they gained some experience competing against more vigorous opponents. Their team dealt with incredibly talented players such as Tarou, who is known for his stop-jump shot. Nao smiles and becomes extremely happy on seeing Sora praising her cousin. As for the orange hair fellow, Sora gives his opinion, Fuwa surprised him more than anyone. However, he is confident their team Kuzuryu High has better forward players. Everything that he witnessed today pales compared to the shock he had when he saw Kenji’s basketball skills for the first time. Sora praises Kenji’s braided hairstyle and believes he wins from Fuwa when it comes to hair impact. At the time of the match, Sora states he won’t hesitate or hold back on taking risky shots even if he misses or gets stopped by his opponents. He will continue to be offensive because Momoharu will be underneath the goal post, and that is why there is nothing to be afraid of. We won’t lose, and he is confident through their steady performance. Their team Kuzuryu High will attain back their team’s club status.

On hearing all the praises about him and the team, Momoharu doesn’t say anything. Kenji joins them and informs Momoharu that Sora is too optimistic and should lower his expectations. Before the match getting your hopes up too high isn’t good. If Yokohama Taiei High was such an easy team to defeat, anybody could have won against them without breaking a sweat. Momoharu is surprised by Kenji’s response. Kenji then tells Momoharu that all the team members are counting on his support and have high expectations. Chiaki, instead of going to Kawasaki, decides to play with some kindergarten kids. On seeing his funny behavior, Momoharu question his brother as to what is he doing? On seeing Nao and Sora together, Chiaki gets jealous tries to confirm are both going on a date or something? Sora gets confused and tells him it is nothing like that. Nao informs Chiaki that she wanted to him. Sora said no. On hearing, Chiaki tells Sora that he will beat him up.

Meanwhile, at Kuzuryu High, Yasuhara and the others are practicing at their school’s gym. Kaname is their supervisor. Midway through the training session, a bored Kaname asks can he go home. Yasuhara replies, you don’t look interested and do you hate us. Kaname responds, since you put it that way, yes, he then heads home. Yasuhara and others continue their practice session.