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"Merry Go Round" is the one hundredth and twelve chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Sora and his teammates prepare for upcoming practice match at their school's court

After finishing their practice session at Nakahara Middle School, Momoharu and his teammates head to a nearby cafeteria known as Famiresu Family Restaurant. The following day, Madoka and her classmates go to their school’s swimming pool. One of Madoka’s colleagues requested. After successfully finishing their midterm exams, both should go on a blind date known as Goukon. In Japan, it refers to drinking parties, where men and women mingle, get drunk, and get to know each other. Madoka kindly refuses the offer and says that it is not her cup of tea. Her classmate asks why she is refusing because a few weeks ago, the guys from Tamagawa High whom they met at their city’s Karaoke bar were friendly and decent individuals. Madoka replies that she will be busy with her basketball club activities this week and is cynical about going on blind dates.

As both are conversing, their swimming instructor requests them to change into school attire, and its lunchtime. While heading into the locker room, Madoka tells her friend that she feels a bit relieved that none of the folks from Tamagawa High contacted her. At that moment, Sora, alongside his teammates, is practicing and mentally preparing themselves for their forthcoming daunting practice match against Yokohama Taiei High. Sora attempts to score, and following Chiaki’s advice, Nabe successfully stops Sora from scoring. However, the ball goes out of bounds. Chiaki critiques Nabe's defense and advises him that switching screen is meaningless if you let the ball through. Upon hearing, Kaname gives his opinion instead of protecting the basket. They should focus on attempting deeming attacks VOID. Due to being one of the rookie members, Nabe asks what is deeming attacks VOID? Kaname replies that he will understand this formation once he attempts it in the practice session.

Yasuhara meets Sora at the school's nursing clinic

At the school’s staff office, the swimming instructor tells Oshio (soccer team instructor) that the boys’ basketball team should consider changing their captain. He tries to confirm from Oshio that their team is not allowed to practice within the school’s vicinity because of the suspension. Oshio replies he will not stop or warn them from practicing. Their school’s principal agreed to a practice game. The swimming instructor sighs and says this is so arduous a practice match on the day of their school’s closing ceremony. Afterwards, Oshio asks the Kendo instructor Matsuki if his club will be conducting their practice session during the summer break. Matsuki confirms and says their training session will prolong for more than a week. An exhausted Sora heads to the side of the court to catch his breath. A concerned Chiaki asks Sora as to what is wrong with him. Sora replies that he felt fatigued and wanted to recover his breath. On hearing, Momoharu advice Sora to drink some water, and he thinks that due to this hot weather, people can become dehydrated. Sora agrees with his captain’s opinion. As he is exiting the gymnasium, the three rookies, Naba, Masahiro and Yasuhara, exhaustingly request their freshman to bring water for them kindly.

Upon seeing his tiresome teammates, Chiaki points out that, especially today, they might be going a bit overboard with their practice session. Similar to them, he is also feeling dizzy or exhausted. Chiaki further states they have been practicing the entire day, and if they continue this type of intense training, going overboard might cause harm or damage their bodies. Momoharu agrees with his brother’s opinion and replies that he understands the value of overwork. As the Hanazono brothers are conversing, Kaname falls and faints due to his low stamina. A worried Nao and her friends ask Kaname if he is alright.

Kaname replies he is fine, their team has very little time to prepare themselves, and after the practice match, they will worry about their bodies conditioning. On wrapping up their practice session, Sora and his teammates head to their school’s handwash station. Nabe and Masahiro try to cool their bodies down through the tap water. Yasuhara comments that tap water isn’t enough, and he wants to jump into the pool. Yasuhara sprinkles some of the tap water towards his exhausted freshman. Sora says that he hates this heat, and he didn’t know that Kawasaki would be this hot in the summer. On hearing, Yasuhara remembers that this is Sora’s first summer in the city, and he is from Nagano. Sora further states that he is feeling exhausted and intends to skip his afternoon classes. Nabe and Masahiro agrees. Yasuhara criticizes them, jokingly calls them idiots and says that if they intend to do this, what is the point of the practice session. They should all be grateful to their manager Nao for those exam tutor sessions.

Masahiro changes his opinion that he was just joking and wanted to cool off some steam. Nabe agrees with his friend and tries to confirm from Sora that their dedicated and intense training might work. Their team has a fighting chance to be victorious against the powerhouse Yokohama Taiei High. On hearing, Sora faints and falls to the ground. After a few hours, Sora wakes up in the nursing clinic. Yasuhara is present over there to accompany his colleague. Sora is surprised and asks why he is in the nursing clinic. Yasuhara informs him that out of exhaustion, he fainted, and the school’s fifth period is just about to conclude. Sora tries to head towards his classroom. Yasuhara stops his colleague and says that the nurse advised him to have you (Sora) rest till the end of the school day.

The Experience vs. The Inexperience

A confused Sora replies that he will miss his classes. Yasuhara recommends that he should stay at the clinic and he needs to rehydrate himself. Yasuhara then gives Sora the water bottle. Sora asks his senior if he has been at the clinic since he fainted. Yasuhara angrily refuses and informs his freshman that his classroom batch had a free period in between. So, he came to see his virtuous teammate. While exiting the clinic, Yasuhara tells Sora that the basketball jersey is not his and it belongs to Masahiro. Yasuhara then requests his freshman to thank Masahiro by allowing him to wear it sincerely. Sora becomes a bit concerned because the jersey has some green stains. Sora then recalls, earlier his manager Nao also stated a similar thing about the jersey. Sora then looks at his senior’s solemn expression and tries to confirm if he had some argument with their team captain. Yasuhara denies and then grabs a nearby chair.

While they’re conversing, Momoharu and others pass by the nursing clinic. Momoharu notices his teammates. He tries to sneak up and listen to what they’re discussing. Sora feels that his senior Yasuhara is avoiding their captain over something. Sora then remembers that Yasuhara lent some money to Momoharu, and he didn’t return it. That is why he must be angry. Sora then advice his senior it is best to avoid people like that. Momoharu overhears, and he calls his teammates idiots. Yasuhara refuses that he is not mad with his captain and states that Momoharu is such a goody-two-shoes whatever trouble their team experiences; he takes all the blame upon himself and bears the sole responsibility. Yasuhara feels a bit irritated by their captain's behavior because, to him, it's like Momoharu is protecting them. Yasuhara tells Sora he doesn’t like that kind of trait by their captain. After the fire incident, even though we all caused it, Momoharu took all the blame for himself. Due to that, there is a big difference between them and Momoharu.

Sora feels happy that his senior Yasuhara didn't quit playing basketball

Momoharu sneakingly overhears the entire conversation. Sora puzzlingly asks his senior what he means by difference? Yasuhara replies he means the experience (Momoharu) versus the inexperience (all of them). Yasuhara further expresses that after the Inter-High Preliminaries, their team has experienced a lot of troubles. Whether they took responsibility for it or not, they’re equals and at fault. Momoharu is a passionate basketball captain, and they all are ultra-newbies. Yasuhara continues his condemnation of what if the fire incident would have occurred by Nabe, Masahiro or himself. Upon hearing, Sora upsettingly asks his senior Yasuhara what he is trying to say? Yasuhara states he would have quit the team and stopped playing basketball.

Yasuhara assumes that both Masahiro and Nabe feel the same about Momoharu. Their captain is trying strenuously hard to connect and maintain two worlds of the experience versus the inexperience. Sora disagrees with his senior’s opinion. Yasuhara further comments what he can’t forgive the most was how grateful he was for what happened, referring to joining the basketball team. Actively participating in the club activities further strengthened the rapport between him and his colleagues. Yasuhara then glances outside the side window and says he is unsure what Momoharu thinks about what happened in these past few months. Momoharu overhears and gives his opinion that his feelings are mixed. He is uncertain whether his basketball team is moving in the right or wrong direction. It might seem simple. When the fire incident occurred, they all became clueless.

While conversing, Yasuhara suddenly remembers his sixth-period class is about to begin. Upon exiting, Yasuhara angrily requests Sora if he states anything regarding their today’s conversation; he will surely beat him up. Sora confirms he will remain quiet and not say a word concerning today’s discussion. Sora then thanks his senior that he didn’t quit the team. Yasuhara smiles towards his freshman while he is heading towards his classroom. Sora jokes that their team will be victorious, and he is not expecting anything extraordinary from his three rookie seniors. Yasuhara becomes angry, tells Sora to be quiet, and says he should head back to sleep, according to the nurse's orders. While exiting, Yasuhara states that he might be a rookie team member at present. However, with more practice sessions, he will become a better athlete.