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"Uncool Guys" is the twelfth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Shinmaruko High continues their dominant performance in the match, and by the end of the first half, they have a 44-point lead. An exhausted Kuzuryu High team head towards their bench. Chucky tells his teammates that he underestimated basketball, and they finally get a chance to rest. Yasuhara questions Sora, in comparison to them, why he is full of energy. Sora informs that he practices more than them. Yasuhara apologizes to Momoharu for his fifth foul, and because of him, Kuzuryu High is down to four members instead of 5. Yasuhara, while talking to Momoharu, points out that Chiaki is also watching them. Upon seeing his brother, Momoharu reminisces his junior high basketball days and informs Yasuhara that Chiaki is a person who hates losing or doing anything uncool.

Sora two-handed shot

An exhausted Sora goes to the schools' vending machine to grab a drink, and due to his weak grip, the juice can falls. Madoka sees it and tells Sora that he is a terrible liar, and she knew that he has no energy left to compete in the practice match. She then massages Sora's numb wrists and tells him that it's okay to give up cause the conclusion of them losing the game is determined. Sora tells her he still has some energy left and hasn't given up. The second half starts, and this time, a determined Kuzuryu High enters the court. Shinmaruko High puts a two-men defense on Sora. Kurumatani, to avoid the shot clock violation, tries to pass the ball to Chucky. Tokiwa easily blocks the pass, but Sora somehow manages to retrieve it. Tokiwa, amazed again by Kurumatani's skills, declares that he won't let him make another three-pointer. While dribbling, Sora reminisces the time with his mother when she taught a unique shooting technique. Tokiwa seeing Sora's determination, guards him seriously. Sora then shoots and sinks a three-pointer with two hands.