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"Now's the Only Time" is the thirteenth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Sora, while being heavily guarded by Shinmaruko High's two-man defense, shoots and sinks a three-pointer with two hands. Everyone on the court is shocked and stunned. Momoharu praises Sora for his unique three-pointer. Tokiwa is amazed and tells Chiba that the two-handed shot puts less burden on one's hand and is also very difficult to guard cause the ball flight is different from a normal three-pointer. To stop Sora, Shinmaruko High puts three defenders. Sora somehow manages to pass the ball to Momoharu, and he tries to go for a jump shot. Chiba easily blocks and tells Momoharu that he knows Hanazono has weak shooting skills and won't let him shoot. Momoharu informs Chiba that he hasn't given up and goes to retrieve the loose ball. It's Kuzuryu High's possession, and Sora is again heavily guarded by three-man defense.

Chaiki enters the match

Kento steals the ball from Sora, and Kurumatani tries to stop him and trips. Chucky asks Sora that he is okay, and Sora tells him he is fine and hasn't given up. Shinmaruko High supporters start to laugh at them. Chiaki witnessing that terrible beat down of his teammates, leaves the court. Madoka sees him and requests Chiaki to join the match. Hanazono tells her that the match's outcome is already determined, and him joining the game won't change it. Madoka informs Chiaki she is moved by their efforts, and even if the whole world laughs at them, she will not. One of Shinmaruko High's supporters gets frustrated and tells his colleagues why Kuzuryu High is still trying so hard and then purposely throws a can on the court. Sora unnoticeably steps on it and falls to the ground.

The referee calls for a time out, and Yasuhara angrily demands Shinmaruko High's supporter that who was the person that threw the can. Sora tells his teammates that he is fine and they should not get into any arguments with them. Chiaki finally enters the match and throws the bench chair towards the annoying Shinmaruko High supporters. Hanazono angrily states that people who aren't doing any of the fighting shouldn't laugh at the ones who are putting in an effort.