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"Genius" is the fourteenth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Chiba sees Chiaki and tells Tokiwa that he has played against him in middle school and has never met a player that tops Hanazono in basketball skills-wise, and they should be careful. Momoharu, amazed to see his brother, questions Chiaki what made him motivated to join the match. Chiaki teases Momoharu and informs him that it's natural for the older brother to help his younger brother. Upon seeing Chiaki joining the game, Sora regains his stamina and confidence and requests the referee to please continue the match. Kurumatani passes the ball to Chiaki and informs him that he is counting on him to change the flow and outcome of the game.

Chiaki easily blocks Tokiwa backhand pass

Chiaki, while dribbling, gets himself in a 8-second violation, and Shinmaruko High gains the possession. The 8-second violation refers to when the team with possession does not advance the ball over the midcourt line before the allowed 8 seconds has passed. Chiaki then apologizes to his teammates for his mistake. Tokiwa does one of his signature backhand passes; Chiaki reads his pass and easily blocks it. He then informs Tokiwa that in that given moment, he would have also done the same thing. Kuchiki tries to stop Chiaki and Hanazono to confuse him does an elbow pass to Nabe, which he then scores. Sora congratulates Nabe for his first basket. Kuchiki asks Chiba why he wasn't able to guard Chiaki. Chiba informed him that Hanazono did an elbow. A confused and serious Tokiwa tries to quickly pass Chiaki and mistakenly passes the ball to Chucky. Chiaki, to tease Tokiwa informs his teammates that this recent ball possession is a gift from his opponents and then purposely does a vicious pass to Chucky that almost hit Tokiwa in the face. Chucky then passes the ball back to Chiaki, and Hanazono then goes for a layup. Chiba and Kuchiki try to stop him. Chiaki sees Sora on the right side of the three-point line and passes the ball to him. Sora retrieves it and shoots and scores the three-pointer.