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"The Best Moment" is the fifteenth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

After making that three-pointer, Sora informs his teammates, let's end the match on a good note by making another basket. Chiba accepts Sora's challenge and tells his squad not to let Kurumatani score. Tokiwa, this time being careful with Chiaki's defense, does a crossover move and quickly passes him. Chiaki somehow manages to steal the ball from him. Nabe retrieves the loose ball and accidentally passes the ball to Kento, Shinmaruko High shooting guard. Kento then gets himself in the position to score the basket. The ball touches the rim, and Chiba then quickly gets himself in position to receive the rebound. Momoharu is impressed by Chiba's quickness.

Momoharu grabs the rebound

Meanwhile, Sora heads towards the other side of the court and believes that Momoharu will get the rebound. Hanazono, this time, jumps even higher than Chiba and retrieves the rebound, and passes the ball to Chiaki. Kuchiki and Tokiwa try to stop him. Chiaki does one of his unorthodox passes, the one with a bowling motion. Sora retrieves the pass and shoots the three-pointer; however, the game time runs out, and Shinmaruko High wins the match. Momoharu informs Sora that he was close to making that last three-pointer. Sora then thanked Chiba that his team, Shinmaruko High, didn't hold back and gave 100 percent playing against Kuzuryu High. Chiba informs Sora that he was a short athlete in middle school and experienced similar problems like Kurumatani by not making it into the starting lineup for his team. Chiba then tells Sora that he is impressed by his performance and believes that shorter players can positively impact the sport of basketball. Sora then jokingly asks Chiba that what did he eat that made him taller. Chiba laughed at his silly question and informed Sora that he consumed a lot of meat. Both teams’ lineup and thanked each other for the interesting match.