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"Mother and Child" is the sixteenth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

After the conclusion of the practice match between Shinmaruko High and Kuzuryu High, a tired and exhausted Sora was carried on the back and shoulders of Madoka. Upon arrival, Madoka realized that Sora's family owns and operates a barbershop. Yone, his grandmother, answers the door and informs Madoka that she closes her store at 3 pm. Yabuchi greets and informs Yone that she's here to drop of Sora. Yone apologizes to Madoka for that and tells her once Sora is asleep, he barely wakes up. To show Madoka appreciation, Yone gives a complimentary haircut. Madoka sees the picture of Sora's mother, Yuka Kurumatani. Yone informs Madoka that her daughter Yuka is currently suffering from a critical illness and receiving treatment at Kanagawa Hospital.

Yuka Kurumatani in her Japan National Basketball team uniform

Yuka is a former retired professional basketball player who played for the Japan National Women's basketball team. Yone further stated that her daughter has been battling this disease for a while. Upon her diagnosis, Yuka initially received treatment at a local clinic in Nagano and later transferred to Kanagawa Hospital. Sora respects, and admires his mother and, due to her, got into basketball. When hospitalized, Yuka, to properly cure her illness, distance herself from her son, and ever since then, Sora's relationship with her has been complicated.

Yone informed that Sora hasn't met Yuka for a while, and he has promised his mother that he will see her when he wins the Inter-High tournament. Madoka, hearing that heartfelt story, tears up a little. During that time, Sora wakes up and decides to go to the school's court for some basketball practice. Madoka is shocked and amazed at Sora's decision and informs him that he should rest since the team just had a practice match. Sora informs Madoka that his team might have lost the practice game, but they can't lose in the upcoming Inter-High Preliminaries.