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"A New Morning" is the seventeenth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

After meeting up with the Kurumatani family, Madoka the following day wakes up a bit early. She sees the time is 5 am and decided to go back to sleep. At that moment, she sees a grade-schooler jogging outside her residence and then later realizes that it is Sora. Madoka then decides to follow him and also take her dog for a small stroll. Later on, Sora heads to the schools' court for some basketball practice. An angry and frustrated Madoka approaches him. She informs Sora that he is going overboard with his training and can even injure himself. Madoka further advised him that even the best of professional athletes knows the basics to refrain from heavy exercise after a match. At the same time, Chucky, Nabe, and Yasuhara also make their way to the schools' court, and then all of them decide to do basketball practice together.

Kenji Natsume going for a layup

The next day, the schools' advisor informs Sora and his teammates that they cannot use the basketball court today. The gym hall is basically used in rotation between the schools' volleyball, badminton and basketball team. Instead of using the court, Sora and his teammates decide to do dribbling practice at the gym's hall stage. The badminton team astonishingly watches them, and an angry Yasuhara informs them it's not a performance act and that they are doing basketball practice. Meanwhile, Momoharu meets up with Chiaki in the boys' team locker room. Hanazono informs his brother that he just had a meeting with the schools' advisor, and moving forward, their team needs to be careful. Any type of violence or fighting will get their team disbanded.

After their small dribbling practice, Chucky, Nabe, and Yasuhara expressed their frustration to each other on not being able to use the gym today. While strolling, they see a skilled freshman doing layups at the outside basketball school's court. Yasuhara approaches him and praises that individual for his efficient dribbling skills. Sora, later on, also joins them and sees a beaten-up Yasuhara on the ground. The troublesome freshman reveals his name is Kenji Natsume, also known as Tobi (Kite).