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"For Someone's Sake" is the twentieth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Satsuki informing Momoharu that his team is lucky not to get disbanded

Satsuki is the new advisor for the Kuzuryu High basketball team. Upon witnessing the horrible display of violence in the schools' gym, Satsuki decided to disband the boys' basketball team. Chucky informed that Kenji is not a member of their team, and his teammates are not involved in this incident. Satsuki, to confirm, asks Momoharu, and Hanazono doesn't give a proper response. Nabe gets angry at Momoharu and tells him to re-confirm Satsuki that Kenji is not a member.

Meanwhile, Kenji receives a phone call from his sister, and he answers it. Sora gets furious at Natsume again, throws his cellphone to the ground, and informs him, accepting a phone call in a situation like this. Kenji demands Sora to pick up his phone, Kurumatani refuses it. Another fight is about to start between Sora and Kenji. Satsuki yells at them and informs Natsume that he has a history of constantly being suspended. Satsuki also informed Kenji that he would report this incident at tomorrow's staff meeting, and his decision to suspend the basketball club remains. Kenji then tells Satsuki that he is not an official member of the team, and he alone caused this incident. Upon hearing that, Satsuki changed his decision and, while leaving, informs Momoharu that he and his teammates are fortunate that they escape the disbandment. Afterward, in the locker room, Sora and his teammates are relieved that their team didn't get disbanded, and an angry Momoharu punches one of the locker room cabinets and leaves. Sora noticed his expression and believed that Hanazono is worried about Kenji's expulsion.

After Momoharu's departure, Yasuhara asks Chucky to confirm who were the beaten-down seniors at the court. Masahiro informs that he is sure that they are colleagues of the infamous senior Nishiwaka at their school. Sora meets up with Madoka at one of their school's hallways and confirms that Kenji will be expelled. While heading towards his residence, Sora hears a familiar ringtone and sees Kenji sitting at a nearby park bench. Upon seeing him, Kurumatani gets angry and tries to attack him from behind. As he is about to hit him, Kenji answers the phone call, and it is his little Juri.

Kenji Natsume with his sister Juri

Natsume instructs his sister not to call him from a phone booth every time, and she should spend that money on purchasing something valuable, such as candy. Juri tells him not to worry, and she gets a lot of pocket money. Kenji then asks about the well-being of his mother. Juri informs she is doing well and also her father. Due to his troubled relationship with his step-father, Kenji gets furious, and Juri tells him to calm down and not break the cellphone. Juri then asks Natsume when she will meet him. Natsume informs in the upcoming Inter-High Tournament. Their conversation ends, and Natsume recollects the time when he got into a quarrel with his step-father, which caused him to move to Kawasaki, where his aunt lives.

Sora overhears all the conversation between Kenji and his sister. He then asks Kenji why he lied to his sister, and to keep that promise, he should mend his ways and not get into any more fights. Sora further explained that he knows the essence and importance of a promise. Like his little sister Juri, he has also promised someone from his family to participate in the Inter-High Tournament. Upon hearing that, Kenji informed Sora that he lied to keep his sister happy and further stated that besides Sora and Momoharu, the other team members are inexperienced. Hence, it is impossible for Kuzuryu High to even qualify for the Inter-High Tournament. Sora disagrees with Kenji and informs that he believes that the current member of the Kuzuryu High will make it into the Inter-High Tournament. Natsume then challenges Sora to a 1-on-1 friendly basketball match.