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"The Bad Guys Give Up" is the twenty second chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Nabe, Yasuhara, and Masahiro arrive at the park with the senior students, whom Kenji fought. They informed Satsuki that he should listen to what these students have to say and believe that Natsume is innocent and should not be expelled. The senior students report that Kenji was all alone in the gym practicing, and their group escorted by Nishiwaka approached Natsume. They instructed him to stop practicing and join their faction. Kenji refused, and all of a sudden, a fight took place in the schools' gym.

Upon hearing their side of the story, Sora requests Satsuki that Kenji is innocent and should consider revoking his expulsion. Satsuki informs Kurumatani that he doesn't care about the reasons Natsume's punishment is the consequence of injuring those people. Satsuki further states, even if it was a justified self-defense, violence is unforgivable. Instead of fighting back, Kenji should have taken that beating, and he needs to learn about taking pain.

Satsuki furiously leaves the park. Yasuhara informs Nabe that their efforts in bringing Nishiwaka's colleagues to the park were just a waste of their time, and he hates teachers. Yasuhara then instructs Nishiwaka's colleagues to stay away from them. Kenji tells Yasuhara that he didn't ask for his help. Yasuhara informs that he wasn't helping, and it is his way of apologizing to him because upon their first meeting, he kicked his ball and now understands that it is something precious to him.

Yasuhara apologizing to Kenji for accidentally kicking his basketball

Kenji then leaves the park, and Sora asks Yasuhara to explain what he meant that the ball was precious to him. Yasuhara clarified that when he met Kenji for the first time, he kicked it instead of passing the basketball, which resulted in their quarrel. The fight with Nishiwaka and those guys yesterday was also started in that way. Yasuhara further stated that Kenji didn't do anything wrong and believes Natsume is a person who passionately loves the game of basketball.

Kenji reaches the Kawaski bridge; Chiaki sees him and requests that if he has any paper towels. Natsume gives Hanazono one of his disposable paper towels and informs Chiaki that public washrooms are available near the bridge. Hanazono, to show his appreciation try to give his yogurt, which Kenji refused. Chiaki sees his basketball and asks Natsume that if he is considering joining the basketball team. Kenji informs that he is being expelled, and joining the basketball club is out of the question. During that time, Kenji receives a phone call from Juri. Momoharu also joins in the conversation later.

Meanwhile, at school, Sora begs his teams' advisor to reconsider Kenji's expulsion and follows Satsuki to the men's washroom. During that time, Natsume also joins in and requests the advisor to reverse his suspension, as he vows to take Kuzuryū High to the Inter-High Tournament. The Principal overhears their conversation and instructs Satsuki to give Natsume a second chance.