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"Tobi, A Ball and A Friends Pain" is the twenty third chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Kenji Natsume officially joins Kuzuryu High

At the request of the Kuzuryu High's Principal, Kenji's expulsion has been revoked, and he officially joins the basketball team. Natsume informs all his teammates that from now on, he will not indulge in any fighting. Yasuhara and Chucky are again amazed by Natsume's basketball skills, and they ask Kenji how they can improve their dribbling. Sora is happy and relieved to see  Kenji joining their basketball club and believes that their team has a chance now to qualify for the Inter-High Tournament.

Meanwhile, at the Kanagawa Hospital, Yuka informs the nurse that it has been four days, and she hasn't received any emails or text messages from her son. The nurse advises her not to worry, and instead, she should enjoy the nice cherry blossom weather. At Kuzuryu High, Sora sees Natsume along with Nishiwaka and his companions. This time the infamous senior, Nishiwaka, has brought more of his colleagues to give Kenji a significant punishment. Kurumatani and the other members of Kuzuryu High join. Natsume requests his teammates not to indulge in the fight. Natsume doesn't fight back and takes a significant beating from Nishiwaka and his companions.

Satsuki arrives and instructs Nishiwaka and his colleagues to stop fighting. Upon seeing him, they ran away, and Satsuki annoyingly tells Sora and his teammates that you guys are always involved in the fighting. Yasuhara informs him that they didn't take part in the quarrel this time, and Natsume also didn't fight back. Kenji then informed Satsuki that his advice about receiving pain is not suited for him. Seeing the changed expression on Kenji and his teammates, Satsuki tells them that the volleyball team is taking a break from practice today, and they have his permission to use the court.

Momoharu, later on, also joins them for practice, and upon seeing Natsume's injured face questioned, he got into any fighting. The rest of the Kuzuryu High squad inform Hanazono that no, he did not. They all practice, and while taking a break, Sora asks Natsume why he has nicknamed himself Tobi. Kenji then informed Kurumatani that he got it from his father, and his old man died while at work. He was a scaffolding construction worker, and before his birthday, he purchased a basketball as a present for him, and ever since then, that basketball has been his prized possession.