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"A Man's Willpower and A Woman's Pride" is the twenty sixth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Kuzuryu High boys' team getting ready for the match against the girls' team

A confident Madoka challenges the Kuzuryu High boys' team to a friendly basketball match with her girls' team. Yabuchi's teammates disagree and tell her that the boys' team members are a bit wired and don't feel comfortable competing against them. Madoka informs her colleagues not to worry and is confident in Nao's coaching skills. Seeing Madoka's confident expression, Sora asks her how did her team perform in the Inter-High Prelims. Yabuchi stated they lost in the first round. After hearing that, Natsume disagrees and tells Sora; it would be a waste of their time getting into a practice game. Kenji also informs Madoka that can her they really play a game without carrying about winning or losing.

Nao states let's make the match a bit interesting; the losing side will strip naked, and then changes her mind that if the girls' team loses, it will be only Madoka. Yabuchi is shocked at Nao's notorious idea and questions her decision-making. Nao states it was your (Madoka) idea for the match in the first place. Sora and his teammates accept the conditions of the game, and they get themselves energized. Madoka goes to Momoharu for support, and Hanazono also joins his teammates. The girls' team members are relieved that they are not involved in this bet. The match will play 10-minute halves, and each team will get 1 timeout.

The match begins, and Momoharu easily wins the tip-off. Madoka gets angry at her senior for losing the tip-off. Sayuri informs she got a bit intimidated by Momoharu. Chiaki has possession of the ball and passes it to Kenji. Youko Kokubu is guarding Natsume, and she is the girls' team shooting guard. Kenji uses his height and speed to drive pass Youko and then scores. The girls' team tries to score, but they are unsuccessful. Madoka is guarding Sora and remembers that Kurumatani's weakness is his left side shooting. Sora, this time confidently, head towards the left side of the court and makes the three-pointer. Yabuchi is shocked and asked Sora did he perfect his shooting from the left side. Sora confirms that he has been practicing, especially from the left side. He also credited Yasuhara, Nabe, and Chucky on playing defense while he practiced making threes. Nao, meanwhile, observes the match and then calls for a timeout.