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"Team" is the twenty eighth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Yasuhara and Chucky join the practice match

Chiaki informs his teammates not to worry, and he has a plan up his sleeve. Upon witnessing, Yasuhara informs Chucky that the girls' team is strong and their team needs to improve, work hard, and catch up. Nao comments that the boys' team is also strong, and she is interested in seeing what Afro-senpai (Chiaki) has up his sleeve to counter her strategy. Momoharu asks his brother how he will counter Box and One defense. Chiaki then comments to substitute Sora and Kenji. Upon listening, Natsume gets furious and questions him. Chiaki informs Kenji that he and Sora haven't done any anti-zone practice before. Yasuhara and Chucky get a bit excited and happy that it's finally their time to participate in the match.

Upon seeing the substitution of Sora and Kenji, the girls' team members question Chaiki's decision-making. A frustrated Sora heads towards his bench, and Nao comments that Chiaki did the right thing substituting them. Kurumatani informs that it is still impossible for his team to break through Box and One defense. Chiaki has the possession and instructs his teammates to re-group. Madoka and her teammates see a 2-3 split zone; this is the most commonly used defense consisting of two players in front (near half court) and three players behind (closer to the team's basket). Chiaki informs Momoharu that in this formation, they will use their heights as an advantage.

Madoka vs. Yasuhara

Chiaki passes the ball to Yasuhara, and Madoka carefully guards him. Yasuhara then passes it to Chucky and is being guarded by Sayuri. A confused Masahiro tells himself that he doesn't know how to dribble, and the 24 seconds shot clock expires. Shot Clock in basketball is the time limit of how long the team on offense can possess the ball. The girls' team has the possession, and Youko scores the three-pointer, and the lead widens. Yasuhara, while dribbling, tries to remember what Natsume taught him on how to drive pass his opponent. Sayuri miss judges his movements and tries to block him. Yasuhara questions her and then tries to go for a layup; the ball suddenly slips from his hand; however, Nabe retrieves it and misses the shot. Nao informs Kenji and Sora that the main weakness of Chiaki's strategy is the lack of screening, which is the main requirement to counter Zone defense. Screening in basketball is a blocking move in which an offensive player stands next to or behind a defender to allow a teammate to shoot a pass or drive in for a score. Nao further explains that the necessary thing for this team is to admit your weakness, and the only way to resolve it is by using teamwork. There is no 'I' in a team, the most fundamental basics of basketball. Nao however, forgets that the Hanazone brothers have played basketball before in middle school. Momoharu efficiently sets up a screen, and Chiaki passes the ball to him. As being an inefficient scorer, Momoharu misses the layup, and the girls' team wins the match.