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"Those with No Talent" is third chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

After his triumphant victory over the current members of the Kuzuryu High boys' basketball team, Sora is uncertain whether to join the team or not. Because of his indecisiveness, Sora passes out in the classroom.

Sora thinking about his intimidating seniors

His schoolmates notice him dozing off, so they request the teacher if they may escort him out. Afterward, during lunchtime, Sora heads to the school's rooftop and meets Madoka and her friends. Madoka asks him if he has decided to join the club officially. Sora then informs her that he hasn't made his decision yet. Before Sora leaves, Madoka handed Sora her lunch as a token of appreciation for his efforts yesterday. Madoka then tells him the girls' team is also not that great either, but she will place some hope on him.

Hearing Madoka's words of encouragement, Sora excitedly heads over to the boys' locker room and requests the current members to practice with him. Chucky, Nabe, and Yasuhara angrily refuse and inform Sora that they are upper-classmen. They then tell Sora to focus on cleaning the locker room instead. While cleaning the untidy locker room, Sora meets Chiaki.

There, Sora sees Chiaki doing unusual pervy antics by retrieving a fallen jacket in the girl's locker room with a pole vault. During his retrieval attempt, Sora asks Chiaki if the two brothers have played basketball in middle school. Chiaki then notifies Sora that the boys' basketball team doesn't participate in any basketball practices. Following this, Chiaki leaves the locker room.

Madoka congratulating Sora on joining the basketball team

During Sora's first club meeting, Madoka is shocked that Sora didn't show up. She then heads over to the boy's locker room. Upon arriving, she is shocked and astonished to see that the once untidy and messy locker room is now clean. She also feels relieved at the same time that the newbie team member she put faith in is starting to bring a positive change to the boys' basketball team. Afterward, she sees Sora diligently practicing three-point shots. Meanwhile, an angry and annoyed Momoharu on the other side of the court sees Sora practicing.

Following this, Momoharu leaves the court. He then heads over to the nearby convenience store and meets his brother Chiaki. Chiaki tells Momoharu that Sora is not an ordinary basketball player. He has depth perception, which is a necessary skill set for an efficient shooting guard. While in conversation, Momoharu and the gang encounter delinquents from Shinmaruko High. Both sides get into a small quarrel with Momoharu. However, Momoharu and his gang easily beat them up. Subsequently, they warn the delinquents from Maru High to not mess with them.

As the fight has reached its conclusion, one of the Maru High delinquents attacks Momoharu with a cutter, injuring him from his left eyebrow. Seeing Momoharu more enraged, Chiaki intervenes and warns the delinquents to not mess with them again in the future.

After the quarrel, Momoharu and the gang head back to the locker room. While Momoharu was smoking, he sees that the lights of the basketball court are still on. An astonished Hanazono makes his way to the court and sees a determined Sora still practicing. While watching Sora, Momoharu questions how many shots Sora has made. Hearing this, Madoka tells Momoharu that Sora has over 1021 baskets in total (340-510 baskets).

Shocked that Madoka is still at school during this late hour, Momoharu asks her why she was still here. Madoka then tells him that she thought about leaving. However, she became curious to see Sora practicing diligently. Due to this, Momoharu questions Sora's naiveness to practice basketball even though the boys' basketball team does not participate in basketball events and competitions. Madoka explains that Sora is practicing hard to make up for his height disadvantage. Because of this, Sora shoots 1000 baskets every day. She tells Momoharu that Sora believes in Momoharu and is waiting to play basketball with Momoharu and his gang.