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"Let's Do a Training Camp!" is the thirtieth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Kuzuryu High Basketball team training

Nao officially becomes the manager of the Kuzuryu High basketball team. Upon seeing her enrollment, Kenji informed Nanao that the boys' team would have won the match if he hadn't been substituted. Nao tells him it wouldn't matter caused she would have outthought him in every possible manner. Both stare at each other angrily, and their conversation ends awkwardly. The next day the boys' basketball team is now diligently following Nao's training regimen. Sora, Natsume, and Momoharu can keep up with her intense training. Meanwhile, Chiaki, Chucky, Yasuhara, and Nabe, due to being physically out of shape halfway through exercise, get exhausted and fall to the ground. Nao informs them not to lie down on the court in the middle of their training session and advises them to keep their breathing steady while jogging.

After the conclusion of their training regimen, Nao informs Golden Week will start this upcoming weekend. Golden Week is also known as Ōgon Shūkan, in Japan is a series of four national holidays that occur within one week at the end of April to the beginning of May each year. She informs her team that let's do a training camp because there is only one month left until the start of the Inter-High Preliminaries. She then explains to them the rules of the tournament and how they can qualify for the Inter-High Tournament. First is the Kawasaki district tournament, and then is the Kanagawa representative tourney. In total, they have to win ten matches to qualify for the Inter-High Tournament. Upon hearing about the training camp, Chiaki gets into his unusual antics and believes that their training camp will take place on a beach referring to Okinawa. Nao informs them they don't have that kind of budget to go there. Momoharu informs his teammates that the training camp will surely help in improving their team. Natsume agrees but also states that individual skill improvement is an absolute requirement.

Nao then requests Satsuki to help out in arranging the funds for the training camp. He informs there is no way he can do that because the boys' basketball team was infamously known as a club for gathering delinquents. There is no chance at the moment for the school to provide funds for their team. Chiaki then advises his teammates instead of depending on schools' resources, they should start working part-time to gather funds for their training Camp. Chiaki, Momoharu, and Kenji start working at the construction site. Sora, on the other hand, does dairy deliveries. Momoharu accumulates about 6500 yen, Chiaki 4500 yen, Kenji 6000 yen and Sora 650 yen. In total 17, 650 yen. Chiaki informs his teammates it is still not enough for them to travel to Okinawa. Yasuhara, Nabe, and Chucky tell Chiaki they have an incredible plan up their sleeve to increase their funds. An hour later, the three of them lose all the gathered funds in gambling. Chiaki and Momoharu angrily beat them up. Nao informs not to worry she received 1000 yen from Satsuki, and their training camp will take place at their schools' basketball court. Nao hands out the sheet of their training regimen. Upon seeing, Momoharu informs Kenji that this looks like a survival camp rather than a training camp. Nao then encourages them to put all their best efforts into this training camp.