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"Making a Team" is the thirty first chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Kuzuryu High Basketball Team gathered outside school

It is the start of the Golden Week. Madoka and her family have planned to go to Fiji. Before their departure, Madoka catches the common flu, and due to that unfortunate circumstance, she cannot travel with her family. Meanwhile, outside her residence, Madoka sees a walking bed and then notices its Sora. Kurumatani then meets all of his other colleagues outside their schools' vicinity. All of them look excited and enthusiastic about their first training camp. Nao arrives accompanied by her father. Yasuhara assists Nao with her luggage. While helping, he informs Nao that he has brought plenty of vegetables since his family runs a grocery store. Nabe also joins in their conversation and tells them that he has brought 20 kilos of rice since his father runs a farm in Ibaraki. Upon hearing, Nao feels happy and pleased and shows them she has brought basketball sneakers.

Kenji asks Nao where they will sleep. Nanao informs him in the basketball gym and will use the Home Economics classroom to make their meals. She then later instructs them to gather at the gym, and on their first day of training camp, they will only do some light exercise. In the boys' locker room, Nabe informs his teammates that this training camp reminds him of his seaside trips in elementary school. Yasuhara then tells his teammates that he has brought his gaming console. All of them get excited and yells that training camp rocks. Madoka recovers from her flu symptoms and heads towards her schools' gym. Upon her arrival, she sees an exhausted Kuzuryu High boys' basketball team. Madoka greets Nao and questions her that Sora and his teammates look out of breath. Nanao informs that the emphasis on todays' training is on footwork, which is the continuous stop and dash shuttle runs. The Shuttle Run is an agility test in which the participant sprints back and forth between two parallel lines as quickly as they can. Afterward, she has prepared individual training lessons for each of them. Nao also informs Madoka that the boys' team has minimal experience when facing more vigorous opponents, and at the current moment, they are a rookie team. Nao further states that the primary goal of this training camp is to make the Kuzuryu High basketball club into a team.