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"Sleepless Night" is the thirty third chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Sora trying to stop an altercation taking place in the locker room

Natsume, after his friendly basketball practice session with Sora and Yasuhara, heads to the boys' locker room. Upon entering, he sees Chiaki, Masahiro, and Nabe playing video games. Kenji questions them and informs; Nao specifically instructed us all to do individual training ourselves. Chucky disagrees with Natsume and says that everyone is entitled to do whatever they want in their leisure time. Upon hearing, Kenji bluntly informs them that he aims to get Kuzuryu High in the Inter-High Tournament, and their non-serious behavior can drag the team down. Chiaki gets seriously frustrated. During that time, Sora and Yasuhara arrive. Sora tries to stop an angry Chiaki. Natsume further states that he didn't say anything wrong and stated the facts, and out of the three beginners in their team, Yasuhara is the only one taking the training camp seriously. Chucky again disagrees and informs Kenji that he and Nabe are taking the training camp seriously, and they just took a break cause their feet hurt due to today's intense Shuttle Run workout.

Nao arrives at the locker room and sees all the commotion. Upon leaving, a frustrated Masahiro informs Kenji that reaching the Inter-High Tournament isn't the same for everybody. Chiaki agrees with Masahiro's response and informed Kenji that he is too self-aware. Both Nabe and Masahiro have just started playing basketball and are at a place where they are finding the sport of basketball fun and interesting. Upon concluding, Chiaki cautions Kenji that he doesn't want to see this type of behavior from him ever again and further elaborates that he can understand Nabe and Masahiro's way of thinking because he was once discouraged before. So never say somebody is dragging you down. The following day Sora meets Nao at the schools' hand wash station. Both greet each other, and Sora informs Nao that he couldn't sleep last night due to yesterdays' argument in the locker room. He agrees with Chaiki's sentiment but is more inclined towards Kenji's way of thinking cause his goal is also to reach the Inter-High Tournament. Yasuhara also joins in their conversation and informs that Masahiro and Nabe haven't returned from last night's argument, and their luggage is gone as well.

Meanwhile, an excited and happy Nabe and Masahiro stroll across the streets of Kawasaki. Both feel refreshed and relieved that leaving the basketball team was worth the effort. Chucky informs Nabe that they have been doing nothing but practicing basketball, and this truly feels like a vacation. Later, both head to their city's local arcade store and spend the rest of their day enjoying playing video games. On their way back, they see some local kids arguing. Chucky confronts the Middle School teenager and questions why he is bullying the elementary school kids. The teenager responds that there is no bullying taking place. The elementary school kids lost the wager basketball game, fair and square, to him and his colleagues. He further explained there is only one basketball court in the entire vicinity, and whenever there is a debate about who gets to use it, both sides settle it with a wager game of basketball. Nabe and Chucky disagree with the idea of the wager game and challenged the teenager and his colleagues to a friendly basketball match.

The Middle School kid questioning Nabe and Masahiro if they really are members of a High School Basketball Team

At Kuzuryu High, Sora requests his teammates that they should go and look for Nabe and Chucky. Upon hearing, Chiaki and Natsume declined the offer. Kenji further stated that they left on their own accord, and anyone who lacks the true passion for playing basketball will not get better no matter how much they practice. Meanwhile, at the outside basketball court, both Nabe and Chucky horrendously lose the friendly basketball game. The Middle School teenager questions them and doubts if they are members of a high school basketball team. Chucky responds they are indeed members of a high school basketball team and then questions how they are so good at a young age. The teenager responds that he and his friends have been playing basketball since the first grade, and they intend to improve further. Hence, upon leaving, the teenager advises and requests Nabe and Chucky not to underestimate the sport of basketball.

Meanwhile, at Kuzuryu High, Sora informed Kenji that he remembers Chiaki's words from yesterday. Nabe and Masahiro have just started playing basketball and are at a place where they find the sport interesting. Upon leaving, Sora informs that he has no intention of giving up on them; instead, he will look for them on his own and bring both of them back to the team.