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"Facing Victory" is the thirty sixth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Sora efficiently makes the three-pointer

After their recent meeting with Kitasumi High’s ace Tarou Kabachi, a determined Kuzuryu High prepares themselves mentally for the upcoming practice match. During their training session, Nao instructs her squad to work out on improving their screening technique. Upon seeing Nabe’s improper screen, Nao informs him that he just did an offensive foul. Nabe then requests Nao to give him a proper explanation. Nao explains that screening is a legal block placed on the side of or behind a defender by an attacking player to allow a teammate to take a shot or receive a pass. Nao then informs Masahiro and Nabe that it is essential for them to learn the basics of the screen cause their team lacks players who can score. Upon hearing, both Nabe and Chucky respond that they will not get involved in getting points for the team and instead focus on improving their defensive, passing, and ball-handling skills.

Sora guards Yasuhara, and he easily passes Kurumatani. Upon seeing, Kenji praises Yasuhara’s dribbling skills. Nao then notices that Yasuhara has a sense of a forward on the team. Madoka then tells Nao that the training camp has been beneficial for Sora and his teammates. Currently, the Inter-High Tournament seems like a vague goal, and it's good that they are focusing on the current upcoming practice match against Kitasumi High. Nao informs Madoka that Kitsumi High is a veteran team in Kawasaki. In comparison to Kuzuryu High, they are well-balanced in offense and defense. Furthermore, ever since her cousins’ Tarou enrolment, their team has gained significant improvement, especially in scoring points.

Kitasumi High head towards Kuzuryu High for their practice match

Madoka believes that the boys’ team has improved and will not be in a similar situation as they were against Shinmaruko High, and with Nao’s training regimen Sora and his teammates have a chance to win the match. After the conclusion of their practice session, Nao informs that Natsume and Sora will be the heart of their offense, and the other players will focus on their defense and assist in passing and creating efficient screens. Upon hearing Kenji gives his opinion that he feels their team can maximum attain up to 70 points at the current level. Meaning he can score about 30 points, Sora 20 points, and others overall 20 points. While hearing, Nao responds that their team lacks a significant thing that is the defense. Sora's height is a considerable disadvantage; however, they can’t sub him out because he is their primary point-getter. Therefore, to attain the perfect defense, Nao instructs Sora to work on his footwork training. The following day Sora, practices on his footwork training, and others work on improving their screening. Upon conclusion of their training session, a tired Sora heads to the hand wash station. Nao meets him and apologizes to Kurumatani for not letting him work on his shooting skills. Sora informs Nao he can understand, and it's for the sake of victory. Upon concluding, Sora expresses his desire that he really intends to win this particular match. The eighth and final day of the training camp approaches, Tarou and his teammates excitingly head towards Kuzuryu High for their upcoming practice match.