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"Momoharu's Wings" is fourth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

After witnessing Sora's passion for basketball, Momoharu becomes anxious about taking the sport of basketball seriously. He tries to toss folded pieces of paper in the bin in his room; most of them don't go in due to his insufficient shooting skill. Afterward, Hanazono starts to calculate Sora's 1000 baskets a day. However, he halfway loses his count on calculation due to his weak math skills.

Hanazono brothers and the rest of the gang at the nearby grocery store

The next day, one of Kurumatani's colleagues asks him about his participation in any club activities. Sora informs him that he has decided to join the basketball club. As Sora excitingly makes his way to the locker room sees Chiaki with his unusual antics taking a bath in the basketball ball cart. Kurumatani gets furious over him and tells him he would now have to clean the locker room on the mess he has created. Chiaki questions Sora on his hardworking ethic and reveals that his brother, Momoharu saw an idiot referencing Sora's practice yesterday.

Chiaki takes Sora to the outside court, where Momoharu is practicing diligently. Chiaki then leaves. Sora becomes excited seeing Hanazono practice and heads over to the court to greet him. Meanwhile, Momoharu tries to make free throws but is unsuccessful. Frustrated over his futile attempts tries to make a dunk. Kurumatani witnesses Hanazono's amazing jumping ability, murmurs that he flew. Momoharu sees an exciting Sora approaching him. During that time, the delinquents from Shinmaruko High also make their presence felt. They have come to settle their unfinished bout with Momoharu and have brought extra artillery such as baseball bats with them. They mock Hanazono on his poor basketball skills, the fight begins. To save Momoharu, Sora jumps in as well. However, the battle's outcome remains the same, and the Maru High delinquents gave both of them a ferocious beating. Upon leaving, they challenged Kuzuryu High to a basketball practice match.

An astonished Momoharu sees Sora practicing late after school hours

After their departure, Momoharu informed Sora that in comparison to him, his basketball skills are minute and mediocre. In his second year of middle school, he gave up on playing the sport. While expressing his inconsistencies, not realizing that after that beat down, Kurumatani ears were ringing, making him unable to hear him properly. Sora later apologizes to Hanazono that he didn't understand what he said earlier and requested Momoharu to show him that dunk again, meaning 'how does it feel to fly.' Hanazono, being amazed by Sora's request, also felt relieved and happy at the same time. While making their way to the court, Momoharu decides to keep his promise to Sora to show his dunk and, going forward, also vows to take the sport of basketball seriously and earnestly.