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"The Real Match" is the fortieth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Upon witnessing Tarou's uneven and speedy style of performance, Kuzuryu High becomes a bit cautious. Chiaki seeing all the attention Tarou is getting from his teammates, especially from Nao, gets a bit jealous. Tarou confidently makes the free throw and smiles towards Nao. Masahiro tells Yasuhara that Tarou’s speedy style of playing basketball is cool. Katori informs Tarou that he should get a bit serious cause he is taking too much time when scoring, and the last free throw he did was barely five seconds short of the shot clock. It’s Kuzuryu High possession, and Momoharu has the ball. Konishi guards Hanazono carefully. Momoharu passes the ball to Kenji. Natsume tries to score but gets blocked by Tarou. Everyone at Kitasumi High praises Tarou for his effort. Konishi tells Momoharu that instead of passing, he should have attempted to score. Hanazono looks at him furiously and informs Konishi that not to indulge in a fight with him purposely. Katori passes the ball to Konishi. While dribbling, Konishi tells Momoharu that the sempai he knew from middle school who taught him how to play basketball has forgotten the sport. Hanazono gets a bit frustrated and tries to block Konishi. Manabu sees his blocking attempt and efficiently passes the ball to Tarou, who then scores. The score is tied 7 to 7.

Tarou Kabachi attempting to Slam Dunk

Upon seeing the score tied, Sora becomes worried that the match's flow now depends on which team takes the lead. Kurumatani gets himself in a position to score, Tarou sees him and tries to block him. Sora pretends to shoot and then goes for a layup. Konishi efficiently stops him. Hasebe grabs the loose ball and passes it to Tarou. To lower the morale of Kuzuryu High, Tarou displays his jumping ability by performing a dunk. He misses the dunk by few inches and still manages to score. Everyone at Kuzuryu High is amazed at Tarou’s jumping ability. Kabachi looks at Sora confidently and tells him that his team will be victorious in the end. Upon concluding, Tarou praises Sora for his shooting skills but informs him that isn’t enough to win because he can efficiently make dunks. Nao sees a low-spirited Kurumatani and then calls for a timeout. Nao instructs her squad to guard Konishi and Tarou carefully cause these two are Kitasumi High’s leading scorers and then switches their defensive formation from man-to-man to a full-court man-to-man defense.