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"DF, Defense" is the forty first chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Nao sees Kitasumi High’s offense lies on their two leading scorers Tarou and Konishi. She then instructs her squad to switch their defensive formation from man-to-man to full-court man-to-man. Full-court man-to-man, also known as full-court press or pressure defense, is a defensive formation in which members of a team cover their opponents throughout the court and not just near their own basket. Koga, Kitasumi High instructor, becomes impressed by their defensive formation. However, Koga believes that this type of defensive tactic will not last longer because it can tire the defensive players.

Full Court Man-to Man Defense

This time a determined Kuzuryu High squad tries to stop Tarou and his teammates from scoring. Sora trying his best not to lose his guard on Tarou and tells himself that he needs to keep up with Kabachi’s speedy and uneven style of play. Kurumatani, while guarding, also recalls the time when he was learning how to improve his defense against Kenji. Natsume advised him that one’s ability to react in time only matters if the defensive player can keep up with the pace of the offensive player. Therefore, the defender’s priority is to match the speed of their opponent or move slightly faster. Sora then notices that Tarou’s speed compared to Kenji is slower, and he can keep up to pace with him. Tarou notices a persistent Kurumatani and tells himself that he hates players who can keep up with his uneven style of play. Tachibana to help his teammate sets up an efficient screen. Tarou loses Sora’s mark, and Katori passes the ball to Hasebe, who then scores the point. Kitasumi High leads the game by a score of 11 to 7 points.

Sora encourages his teammates not to worry, and they will return the favor on their offense. Moving forward, Sora then vows to himself that he will not let Tarou score any more points in this quarter. Chiaki passes the ball to one of his teammates, who then try to score the ball touches the rim. Konishi grabs the offensive rebound. Momoharu again gets a bit frustrated by his futile rebounding attempts. Sora, this time not leaving his mark on Tarou. Kabachi gets seriously frustrated. Katori notices a furious Tarou and then passes the ball to Hasebe. Tachibana sets up another screen; this time, Sora manages to evade it. Kurumatani steals the ball, but it goes out of bounds. The rest of the Kuzuryu High squad are impressed with Sora’s defense, and suddenly their teams' morale goes up. Now the match's outcome depends on either’s teams' defensive formation.