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"Lies" is the forty eighth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Nao requesting Satsuki-sensei to give their team the dinner treat if they win

The third quarter ends on a high note for Kuzuryu High. Sora scores the last-minute three-pointer, and the game is now tied with a score of 61 to 61. Tarou angrily stares at Sora and vows to return the favor in the final quarter. An energized and confident, Momoharu empowers his team that they can win the match. Midway through the conversation, Chiaki gives his opinion. If their team wins this match, they should go out for a dinner treat. Everyone astonishingly looks at each other and states that they don’t have that kind of money. All of them then look at Satsuki-sensei, the advisor, and smile. Satsuki notices their awkward behavior and furiously instructs them that the dinner treat is out of the question caused he paid for the training camp from his income. Nao then goes into her strategist mode and lies to Satsuki-sensei that he should agree to give them dinner treat cause there is no way their team will win the practice match. Satsuki agrees to Nao’s suggestion and informs Sora and his teammates that he will give them the dinner treat, if they attain victory. Natsume confronts Nao and states that he overheard their conversation, and the two of them are underestimating their team. Nao comments that his judgment about her is incorrect. Further on, Nao stated that she lied to Satsuki-sensei to keep the morale up for the team and believes that their team will indeed win this practice match.

Koga, Kitasumi High instructor, sees the scoring sheet of the match and notices Momoharu hasn’t scored a single point and instructs Konishi that he will be the key to their victory. To further tighten their defense, Koga requests Tachibana and Hasebe to cover Konishi inside the paint area. The final quarter begins, and both determined Kuzuryu High and Kitasumi High enter the court. Tarou sees Sora and states that his team will be victorious. Kurumatani again gladly accepts his challenge. Katori has the ball and urges his teammates to go all out and score. Kitasumi High squad then notices that Kuzuryu High has placed three defenders inside the paint area, similar to their defensive formation. Sora continues to keep up to pace with Tarou. Kitasumi High team calmly passes the ball around. A determined Tarou vows that he will break Kuzuryu High’s defense. Kitasumi High outsmarts Kuzuryu High and purposely takes their entire defensive formation on the right side of the court.

Overload Formation

Upon seeing it, Nao states that they’re doing an overload formation. An Overload Formation is an anti-zone formation in which the offensive team draws the defense to one side. Kuzuryu High defense breaks from the inside. Hasebe sees Katori on the other side of the court and passes the ball to him. Konishi quickly makes his way inside the paint area; Momoharu sees Konishi and tries to stop him. Konishi receives the ball from his teammate and easily scores the layup. Momoharu, while attempting to stop Konishi, gets himself in foul trouble, slips, and falls to the ground. A confident Konishi states to Momoharu that his team will be victorious and then tries to assist his sempai from getting up. Momoharu refuses his help. While heading towards the free-throw line, Konishi informs Hanazono that he holds a grudge against him on a lie he told him in Middle School.