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"See you Tomorrow" is the forty ninth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

A Young Momoharu Hanzono

Momoharu, while attempting to stop Konishi from scoring, gets himself in foul trouble, slips, and falls to the ground. After scoring the layup, a confident Konishi states that his team will be victorious and tries to assist his senior from getting up. Momoharu furiously refuses his help. While making his way to the free-throw line, Konishi informs Momoharu that he holds a grudge against him on a lie he told him in Middle School. Konishi successfully makes the free throw and then heads over to his teams’ side of the court. A confused Momoharu asks Konishi as to what lie is he talking about!? Konishi doesn’t respond and walks away. Chiaki then advises his brother that they’re in the middle of a match, and he should concentrate. Chiaki has the ball possession, and Momoharu instructs his teammates to keep constantly passing the ball to one another, and if Kitasumi High scores, they will score as well.

Upon seeing his senior Momoharu’s leadership, Konishi recalls when he first started playing basketball in Middle School. Back then, Konishi was physically thin and athletically weak and struggled to learn basic basketball skills. In comparison to him, Momoharu had decent basic basketball skills but struggled when it came to scoring. Konishi saw Momoharu for the first time in Middle school as Hanazono attempted to do a layup shot. Momoharu, due to his imperfect scoring skills, missed the layup and received a scolding from his seniors. Hanazono responded to his upperclassmen that there is nothing wrong with making mistakes, and besides, every day, he is improving as a player by practicing.

Upon hearing, Konishi gets moved by Momoharu’s words. After the end of their practice session, Konishi tries to raise the basketball hoop; Momoharu requests him not to do that cause he will be using it for basketball practice. Chiaki informs Konishi that when everyone on the team leaves, his brother does some extra basketball practice. Momoharu then corrects his brother and states it is called self-practice. Konishi then requests the Hanazono brothers that if he can join them as well. Chiaki states he would allow him to participate if he can buy him some snacks. Konishi agrees and purchases the requested snacks for him and joins them. Konishi, due to his poor stamina midway through exercise, falls to the ground. Afterward, Konishi questions Momoharu on his work ethic and informs him that they can still play basketball without having to do this much practice. Momoharu responds to achieve results; one has to train hard, and without it, nothing is possible. Upon hearing, Konishi tears up and replies that similar to him; he will give his best effort every day.

Momoharu vs. Konishi

Meanwhile, back to the practice match, Momoharu has the ball possession and furiously informs Konishi that what he said to him earlier is nonsense, and the one thing he hates the most is people calling him a liar. Momoharu quickly passes Konishi’s defense and attempts to do a layup. Konishi somehow manages to catch up and blocks it. The Kitasumi High first-year students praise Konishi for his defensive efforts. An angry Natsume informs his captain, Momoharu, that what he just did was reckless. Being mad at the given moment, Momoharu replies to Kenji to be quiet, and he knows what he is doing. Konishi then asks his senior, Momoharu, that he has forgotten what he said to him. Konishi then recalls the moment to Momoharu, when they last spoke to each other back in Middle School, and Hanazono lied to him about meeting him the next day for practice and didn’t show up. Upon hearing, Momoharu goes in shock mode. Tachibana receives the pass from his teammate Katori and tries to score; the ball touches the rim. Konishi grabs the rebound and scores the layup shot. Kitasumi High takes the lead from Kuzuryu High. A depressed and low-spirited Momoharu stares at the ground. Chiaki then notices his brother’s unusual behavior and requests the referee for a substitution, and a concerned Sora stares at his captain.