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"Higher than Anybody" is the fiftieth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Konishi grabs the rebound

After hearing Konishi’s resentment towards him, Momoharu goes in a state of shock and stares down at the basketball court. Chiaki sees his brother’s unusual behavior and requests the referee for a substitution. A concerned Sora stares at his captain and tries to comfort him and ask if he is okay. Momoharu replies that he's alright. After his response, Sora then requests Nao to cancel the substitution and reassures his manager that Momoharu is fine and he will not lose to anyone. The match resumes, Momoharu has possession of the ball, and due to being a bit absent-minded, causes a turnover. Katori, Kitasumi High’s point guard, steals the ball from him. Upon seeing the turnover, Natsume becomes angry at Sora for not subbing out their Captain. Kenji somehow manages to catch up to Katori but gets himself in foul trouble. The Kitasumi High bench praises their senior for his layup attempt.  

Momoharu becomes frustrated at himself for causing the turnover and tells himself that he is nothing but dead weight. Sora notices his Captain being hard on himself and heads over to ask for his wellbeing. Sora informs Momoharu that a free throw attempt will take place and encourages him to get the rebound. Upon closing his conversation, Sora requests Hanazono to show him how does it feel to fly? Momoharu regains his composure, Katori successfully makes the first free throw, and while he is attempting to make the second free throw, Momoharu apologizes to Konishi for breaking their promise in Middle School and requests if he can forgive him. Hanazono further states to Konishi that he may not be able to catch up to him. However, he will give his best effort because his teammate Sora taught him the value of never giving up or to yield.

Momoharu and Konishi practing in their Middle School gym

Katori misses the second free throw, and Konishi efficiently grabs the rebound. Upon seeing Momoharu’s poor rebounding attempt, Chiaki becomes a bit upset. Konishi sees an open Tarou from the three-point line and passes the ball to him, who then scores. Kitasumi High widens their lead to eight points. A frustrated Sora looks down onto the court. Momoharu then kindly pats Sora on the head and encourages him to let's go on offense together. Madoka sees their friendship and smiles. Hanazono then instructs his team that eight points deficit is nothing, and they will indeed catch up. While guarding Konishi, Momoharu wishes that he hadn’t given up on basketball back in middle school. Chiaki passes the ball to his brother. Momoharu attempts a fake jump shot and passes it to Sora, who then attempts to shoot the three-pointer. Tachibana touches the ball, and it doesn’t go in. An energized and fired-up, Momoharu grabs the rebound. Konishi astonishingly stares at his sempai and is amazed at his jumping ability. Upon witnessing, Konishi recalls the moment in Middle School when Momoharu stated that no one is better than him when it comes to rebounding. Everyone at Kuzuryu High becomes delighted to see their Captain return back to normal again. Momoharu then instructs his team to go on offense.