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"Distance" is the fifty first chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Kenji Natsume gets substituted

Upon grabbing the rebound, Momoharu instructs his team to go on offense. Everyone at Kuzuryu High becomes excited on seeing their Captain return to normal. Meanwhile, at Kanagawa Hospital, upon seeking advice from the head nurse Sumi takes Yuka out for a short walk. At the practice match, Chiaki passes the ball to Kenji, and he efficiently evades Kitasumi High’s defense and then tries to score. The ball touches the rim and goes out of bounds. Nao notices an exhausted Kenji and requests the referee for substitution. An overly tired Natsume heads towards his bench, and Yasuhara joins the match as his substitution. Nao urges Yasuhara not to get in any foul trouble. Koga, Kitasumi High instructor, sees the substitution and notices that Kuzuryu High’s offense has gone down since their best scorer Natsume has left the game.

Kitasumi High does a tight man-to-man defense in the game. Chiaki passes the ball to Sora; being a bit fatigued in the given moment, Sora, while attempting to score, bumps into Tarou and gets himself into foul trouble. Katori praises Tarou for defensive effort and Kabachi then confidently stares at a tired Sora. Tachibana easily scores the layup, and Kitasumi High widens their lead by 9 points. The score is 72 to 63. A doubt full, Madoka stares at her team and receives a phone call from her sister. Sumi requests her younger sister to meet her outside the school’s court. Kuzuryu High misses another opportunity to score, and with fatigued at its peak for them, their chances of winning the match now seem very little. Madoka goes outside the schools’ court and meets her sister, and furiously informs her that she came to visit her at a crucial moment.

Chiaki advising Sora to change his Shooting Guard position to a Point Guard

Meanwhile, at the ongoing practice match, Kitasumi High confidently scores another point, and the match becomes completely one-sided. Masahiro, being worried and confused, asks his manager, Nao, doesn’t she have some kind of plan. Nao being a bit uncertain about their victory, doesn’t respond. Chiaki sees a low-spirited Nao and requests Sora to change his position from a shooting guard to a point guard. Upon concluding, Hanazono informs Sora that he will now focus on scoring some points as well. Kurumatani then questions Chiaki’s scoring capability. Hanazono responds that he can’t do two things simultaneously and then encourages his teammate to attain some points and close the deficit gap between them and Kitasumi High.