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"Last Play" is the fifty forth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Shingo Katori double-clutch

The intense practice match between Kuzuryu High and Kitasumi High has reached its final stages, with Chiaki’s last layup Kuzuryu High trails by just two points. The score is 74 to 76. A frustrated Koga Kitasumi High instructor states that barely winning by few points isn’t their team style and urges his squad to score more points. Tarou being angry at the given moment, furiously informs his coach that they know what he and his teammates are doing and vows that he will not lose to Sora in front of Nao. Kitasumi High has the ball possession, and Tarou requests his teammate Katori to pass the ball to him. Katori sees Sora guarding his teammate and uses his team’s height to their advantage by sending a high pass. Tarou effortlessly receives it, and Sora becomes a bit frustrated. Upon seeing it, Momoharu then urges Sora to calm down and encourages him to stay on Tarou’s guard. Hanazono then instructs his squad that no matter what happens, they’re going to stop Kitasumi High from scoring.

Thirty seconds are left to conclude the match, and a confused Masahiro questions Momoharu’s instructions and believes that instead of defending, they should try to steal the ball. Upon completing his opinion seeks Nao’s advice. Nanao states that Momoharu’s judgment is correct; their team must first stop Kitasumi High from scoring and then go on offense. She further elaborates that these last thirty seconds are crucial to either team, and whoever scores will win the match. Tarou has the ball possession and attempts to shoot a three-pointer, the ball touches the rim, and now it’s the battle of rebound between Konishi and Momoharu. Konishi efficiently gets himself in position and retrieves the rebound. Katori then requests Konishi to pass him the ball. Upon receiving, Katori then instructs his team to restart their offense and, while dribbling, he quickly evades Kuzuryu High’s defense. A frustrated Masahiro and Nabe shout at their team to not let Katori score. Yasuhara, due to being a bit tired and out of stamina, is unable to catch up to him.

Sora's last second three-pointer

A well-rested Natsume tries to stop Katori. While attempting for the layup shot, Katori displays his double-clutch move. A double clutch is a mid-air shift of ball position linked with a layup or dunk. The move is effectively used by many basketball players, specifically under pressure situations, to win a game. While defending, Natsume praises Katori for his shot selection. However, the ball touches the rim, and again it’s the battle of rebound between Momoharu and Konishi. This time Momoharu efficiently gets himself in position to retrieve the rebound. However, he is unable to attain possession of the ball and slightly touches it. The ball is heading towards the other direction of the court. Sora and Katori head over to retrieve it. Chiaki uses his last-second stamina and somehow manages to attain possession of the ball and then passes it to Sora. Natsume praises his senior for his efforts and requests Sora to pass the ball to him. Kurumatani, due to being a bit tired and undecided, ignores his teammates' advice and shoots the three-pointer. A frustrated Tarou tries to stop Sora, and he is unable. The fate of the match now hangs in on this three-pointer.