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"Desire" is the fifty sixth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Murakami asking Madoka on a date

Upon the conclusion of the intense practice match between Kuzuryu High and Kitasumi High, Satsuki, the basketball team’s advisor, rewards his students by giving them a dinner treat. Although they lost the match by a slight margin, before departing, Satsuki stated to Nao that this is his way of showing appreciation to his pupils for their diligent efforts in the game. The following day a tired Sora is half-asleep in his class. The school’s athletic meeting will be held tomorrow due to the friendly sports competition taking place. Students of the first, second, and third-year of Kuzuryu High are participating. The athletic competition includes sports like baseball, soccer, basketball, badminton, volleyball, and many more.

Sora, while in class, receives a message from Madoka. A half-asleep Sora reads the text message, stating that they don’t have any club activities today, referring to basketball, and she requests him to accompany her while heading home. During that time, his class instructor asks his colleagues who want to participate in the upcoming sports competition. While concluding, the instructor requests, they’re one member short for their class’s basketball team. Upon hearing this, a half-asleep Sora suddenly wakes up and energetically informs his teacher that he would like to participate. After the conclusion of the class, Sora then rushes towards Madoka’s classroom to meet her, and mid-way he crosses Nao’s classroom. Nanao sees Sora passing by, stops him, and questions as to where he is going? A confused Sora looks at her, and Nao tells him that he must not be thinking of going to the basketball gym because they don’t have any club activities today. Upon hearing, Sora excuses himself that he has to be somewhere important. During that time, one of Sora’s classmates angrily approaches him, and she instructs Kurumatani that it is his turn to clean the classroom and won’t let him skip this time.

Sora, while assisting his classmates in tidying up their classroom, receives a phone call from Madoka. Upon answering, Sora requests her to wait for him kindly, and he is busy occupied with doing some classroom chores. Madoka accepts his request and informs that she will wait for him at the teacher’s lounge. After ending the call, a nervous Madoka tells herself that if it is okay to give Sora the bracelet without telling him who it came from, referring to his mother. Upon departing, some of Madoka’s classmates ask her that she is not heading home. Yabuchi states that she is waiting for someone and will head home afterward. Murakami, one of her classmates, uses this opportunity to express his affection feelings to Madoka. Murakami states that he has had a crush on her since his first year at school. Upon concluding, Murakami then politely asks her to go on a date with him. After completing his classroom chores, Sora approaches Madoka’s class, and he witnesses the entire incident. Instead of meeting both of them, he quietly sneaks peaks from the classroom’s window. Madoka blushes at Murakami’s affection towards her and politely tells him that there is someone she likes, referring to Momoharu.    

Madoka and Sora at the Kawasaki Bridge

A depressed Murakami leaves the classroom, and Madoka catches Sora sneaking on them. She questions Sora as to, did he hear their conversation. Sora smiles and states he doesn’t know what she is talking about. Sora then accompanies Madoka on her way back home. While walking, Sora feels intrigued as to who is this person she is in love with, and then encourages himself to ask her. Before he could ask her, Madoka questions Sora as to what type of girls does he like? Sora answers in elementary school, it was Mi-chan one year ahead of him and in the middle a senpai two grades senior. Upon concluding, Sora states that although both liked him, they would prefer to date someone a bit taller. Sora further says that even when playing basketball, getting looked down upon can sometimes be too much. Upon hearing, Madoka requests Sora to close his eyes; she then goes one step down on the stairs and tells him to open his eyes.

An astonished Sora looks at her, and Madoka smilingly tells him that now they’re of the same heights. Madoka further states that she believes that height has nothing to do with basketball or love. Madoka then says that the reason she wanted him to accompany her today was to give him something. Instead of giving Sora the bracelet from Yuka, Madoka places her sports wristband on his right-hand wrist. Madoka further states that it's a good luck charm and encourages him to perform well in his next upcoming match. Sora gets all excited and promises Madoka that he will do his best. As both are heading towards their residence, Madoka then quietly apologizes to Yuka for not giving her son the bracelet because if she did, it would change the meaning behind it.