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"Last Piece" is the fifty ninth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

A confident Kenji telling Sora what’s important ain’t shooting or passing; it is the team that leads in scoring

The practice game between Sora’s class vs. Kenji’s class is underway. Natsume’s team leads by 8 points. Due to some poor in-game decisions made by Sora, his team hasn’t scored a single point. The match is reaching its conclusion, and Sora has the ball possession. Natsume again is guarding him. Sora’s teammates urge him instead of going on offense by himself; he should focus on passing the ball to them. Kenji notices Sora’s weakness and states that a shooting point guard in basketball is also common, but a person like him (Sora) who doesn’t check his surroundings while in shooting motion is a complete simpleton. Kenji, while in deep thoughts on noticing Sora’s other weakness. In a spur of the moment, Sora quickly shoots and scores the three-pointer. Sora then celebrates his first scoring attempt. The score is 3 to 8. Kenji urges his teammates to keep passing the ball to him, and as he is about to go on offense, the referee sounds the whistle, and Kenji’s class wins that match and qualifies for the next round.

A low-spirited Sora looks down at the basketball court. A confident Natsume approaches him and says that what’s essential ain’t shooting or passing; it is the team that leads in scoring, which is why you (Sora) lose because your team couldn’t do that. An annoyed Sora looks at him and states that even though his team lost, making it into the semifinal is a good achievement. Upon listening, Kenji walks away. Momoharu smiles at their conversation and states that 6 minutes for a basketball match is too short. However, he feels that the game was an interesting one till it lasted. Hanazono then asks Nao if she intends to make two point guards on their team, referring to Chiaki and Sora. Nao agrees and states that is her true vision of the team by making Sora a point guard because this will help expand their team’s offense. Momoharu smiles and praises Nao for her strategic way of thinking. As both are conversing, a tall and slim person by the name of Kaname Shigeyoshi passes by them. Upon seeing him, Momoharu goes in a state of shock and says what tall person he is. Nao states he must be 5 cm taller than Chiaki. Upon hearing, Chiaki jokingly comments that I would definitely win in height if you include my Afro hairstyle.

Kaname’s class is also competing in the school’s basketball sports competition and has made it into the semifinals. Everyone at the court is shocked and stunned at seeing Kaname’s height. Compared to others, Natsume doesn’t seem to be impressed and states that being tall doesn’t make a difference if one doesn’t have the skill to back it up. Momoharu smiles and says that since Kaname’s team has made it into the semifinals, he must be a skilled basketball player. Before the tip-off, one of Kaname’s teammates encourages him and says that the center position is his to defend, and then jokingly pats on his back. Due to his poor health and stamina, Kaname faints. Everyone at the court is stunned as to what they just witnessed, and the anticipated person they all came to see is now leaving the court.

Momoharu and Nao meets Kaname Shigeyoshi

Nao states that for a moment, she imagined an ideal version of the Kuzuryu High basketball team. However, since Kaname has left the court, that vision is gone. After few minutes, Kaname wakes up, his teammates see him and asks the referee for substitution. Upon his arrival, the team’s point guard instructs Kaname to go on offense and passes the ball to him. Masahiro states that with that height, Kaname can easily intercept high passes. The senior third-year students of the opposing team feel a bit intimidated by Kaname’s presence. They try to steal the ball from him, and instead of going on offense, Kaname just stands still on the court and gets himself in foul trouble of 30 seconds shot clock violation. His team’s captain gets angry at him. Kaname tells his other teammates that their captain told him just to stand still on the court. The match resumes, and Sora informs Kenji that if Shigeyoshi joins their basketball club, their team’s offense would drastically increase. Kenji states that Kaname’s addition to the basketball club would be useless because they already have enough amateurs on their team. Natsume further says that his way of basketball is speed and skills, not height.

Upon seeing Kaname’s recent mediocre performance, Chiaki states that Kenji’s team will surely be champions of the school’s basketball tournament. Kaname has the ball possession; one of the seniors of the opposing team intentionally bumps him and tries to steal the ball. Kaname uses that opportunity and displays his Sky Hook shot and scores the point. Everyone at the court is amazed and praises Shigeyoshi. An astounded Sora states that this is his first time witnessing the Sky Hook shot.