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"Mokichi" is the sixtieth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Sora congratulates Kaname on his victory

Kaname displays his Sky Hook shot and efficiently scores the point for his team. Upon seeing it, an astounded Sora states that this is his first time witnessing a unique shot. Masahiro tells Yasuhara that was a fluke and even he can do that. Upon hearing, Nao informs Masahiro that it is called a Hook Shot, and she explains that, unlike a standard shot where one is facing the basketball hoop. In Hook Shot, one releases the ball away from the defense, making it difficult for the adversary to steal the ball. She further comments doing such a skilled shot with that height is unstoppable. Momoharu also added his thoughts and states that Kaname is an experienced basketball player, and on his first attempt, he was a bit unbalanced and still managed to score; this truly speaks volumes about his skills.

Kaname’s teammates encourage him to score another point for their team. This time the senior team closely guards him. Nao states that with that tight defense, he can’t attempt to do a Hook shot. Kaname, similar to Natsume, displays his efficient dribbling skills and then gets himself in position and scores another point. One of the female spectators comments that Shigeyoshi’s hands were above the basketball rim. A confused and scared senior team looks at Kaname, and they feel uncertain about how to stop him from scoring. Chiaki comments that Shigeyoshi scored the point with his left hand and says that he is an ambidextrous individual. An ambidextrous individual is a person who has the ability to use both the right and left hand equally well. Note! About one percent of people in the world are naturally ambidextrous. Upon seeing Kaname’s efficient basketball skills, an excited Natsume stares at him and states that his final match will be an exciting one.

Kaname scores another point, and his team qualifies for the next round with a score of 8 to 6. An excited Sora makes his way to the court and congratulates Kaname by giving him a high five. The two then later sit on the side of the basketball court and have a friendly conversation. Sora asks Kaname as to how tall he is. Kaname answers he is about 198 cm tall. Upon hearing it, Sora tells him that he must be eating a lot of meat, referring to Chiba’s advice. Kaname replies that he doesn't consume any meat. Upon hearing it, Sora then praises Kaname for his unique Sky Hook Shot and asks another question: Was he a member of his middle school basketball team? Kaname answers that he played a little bit of basketball in his junior high. Sora then notices that Kaname is a shy and quiet person. To continue their conversation, Sora tells Kaname that he envies him for being a tall individual and wishes he had the same height. Upon hearing it, Kaname replies that he also feels envious of him and suddenly faints.

Nao inviting Kaname to join their basketball team

Due to Kaname’s poor health condition, he is unable to participate in the final match. Kenji’s team wins the basketball tournament, and the schools’ sports competition comes to an end. Sora tells Nao that they should invite Kaname to join their team. Nanao agrees to Sora’s suggestion. The next day Sora goes to Kaname’s class to ask about his wellbeing. Upon reaching, Sora notices he is not there. One of Shigeyoshi’s classmates tells Sora that Kaname is fine, and this type of situation of him fainting happens all the time. Kaname’s colleague further informs Sora that Shigeyoshi is a science club member at school and should go there to meet him. After hearing Sora then heads towards the basketball gym and, while on the way, accidentally bumps in with Kaname. Sora apologizes to Kaname that he didn’t see him and asks for his well-being. Shigeyoshi replies that he is fine, and Sora then follows him to the science club. An intrigued Sora asks as to what does he do in the science club. Kaname responds that they do science experiments. Shigeyoshi then places two wires in the sealed container with batteries and shows him a homemade light bulb. Upon watching it, Sora gets intrigued by it. Kaname further explains that when current flows through carbon, it creates heat which in result produces light.

An hour later, a furious Nao makes her way into the science lab and instructs Sora that he should be at the basketball court. Sora then politely excuses himself to everyone in the science lab. On departing, Nao invites Kaname to join their basketball club and further states that their team only has seven members, and she wouldn’t mind if he is part of two clubs. Kaname politely turns down the offer and replies that he doesn’t have a lot of stamina or strength when playing basketball, and he primarily specializes in doing Hook Shots.