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"Hope and Despair" is the sixty second chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Sayuri Shigeyoshi

Kaname’s science club colleague reassures him that there won’t be any strenuous activities at the club, and he had no idea about his poor health condition. Kaname replies that he lied to Sora and his teammates on joining their club and commented that he is physically not that weak. Upon hearing, a furious Kenji opens the entrance door of the science club and demands Kaname to explain himself. The instructor of the science club becomes angry at Kenji for suddenly barging in and notifies him that non-members are not allowed to enter. Kenji ignores the science instructor and asks Kaname again to explain himself and further comments that instead of lying, he should have been straightforward to them that he didn’t want to join their club. Kaname replies that it is none of his business. Upon hearing, Kenji becomes furious and grabs Kaname by the collar. Everyone at the science club goes in panic mode and requests their instructor to call the schools’ staff.

One of the school’s staff members who is passing by furiously opens the door and asks why there is so much noise in the science lab. Upon seeing him, Kenji tries to calm himself and recalls Satsuki’s advice to not indulge in any fights. Kaname, to ease down the intense situation, apologizes to Kenji. Natsume, on hearing, politely departs from the club. Meanwhile, at the basketball court, Sora is practicing improving his shooting skills. Nao is assisting in passing the ball to him. Sora requests Nanao to give him long passes. Nao agrees and sees that Sora is taking today’s practice session very seriously. Upon hearing, Madoka notifies her colleague that Sora hasn’t missed a single shot today, and he looks immensely focused. After school, Kaname, instead of biking home, decides to walk. One of the city locals’ notices Kaname’s taller than average height and praises that being a tall individual sure has its advantage. Upon hearing, Kaname furiously tells the teenager and his girlfriend that they don’t know anything about his shortcomings, and they shouldn’t make random praising comments about him. The teenager becomes angry at Kaname and beats him up. During that time, Chiaki and others from the basketball team arrive, and they see a beaten-up Kaname on the ground. They confront the teenager and his girlfriend. Being scared by them, both decide to walk away. Chiaki and others carry a bruised-up Kaname to his residence. Upon arrival, they see Kaname belongs to a wealthy family and are amazed that he has his private basketball court.

Kaname in Middle School

Kaname’s sister Sayuri sees them and invites them inside the house. Chiaki and others, upon seeing her beautiful appearance falls in affection. Sayuri thanks them for bringing her brother home. Chiaki then gets into his unusual antics, tries to impress Sayuri, and politely asks for her name. Sayuri introduces herself as Kaname’s sister and then kindly provides them with some snacks and nourishments. Momoharu tells Sayuri that he is impressed they have a basketball court. Sayuri replies that they have it due to Kaname and comments that he played for the mighty Saijo High in middle school, and he was the star of the team. She further explains that Kaname was 180 cm tall in middle school, and everyone on the team had high expectations from him. He was everyone shining light and her hope. During their conversation, Kaname wakes up and highlights his opinion that it is such an irritating thing that people randomly place their hopes and opinions on others without asking their permission which can be sometimes troublesome. Kaname further commented that all he wanted to do was to play the sport he loves passionately. Due to his talent, everyone selfishly decided to put high expectations of him, and then selfishly got disappointed when those expectations didn’t pan out.

Upon hearing, Chiaki states to Kaname that he is a lucky guy to have people having some expectations from him. Hanazono further commented that nobody bothers to expect anything from guys like them. Momoharu agrees with his brother's sentiments and thanks Sayuri for the hospitality. Upon departing, Momoharu informs Kaname that they all might look like a circus act to him and everyone; however, that will not stop them from participating in the Inter-High Tournament. After their departure, Sayuri tells her brother that she thought Kuzuryu High didn’t have a basketball team. Kaname agreed and stated that is why he enrolled at Kuzuryu High to avoid playing basketball. He further commented seeing Momoharu’s and his teammates' passion for the sport; it turns out they have formed a basketball club by themselves.