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"Heavy Rain...." is the sixty forth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Kaname requesting that he wants to join the basketball team

Kaname, on meeting Fujita and Tsukishima at the city’s local park and hearing from his senior that she is dating Fujita. A frustrated Kaname heads back home and furiously starts to practice at his residence basketball court. His family members notice his odd behavior, and on his final layup attempt, he falls to the ground and tells himself that the person he disappointed the most is non-other than himself. Kaname then encourages himself to reconsider playing basketball again. Just one week remains till the start of the Inter-High Preliminaries. A determined Kuzuryu High basketball team heads to their school for practice on the weekend. However, due to heavy rainfall, Momoharu and his teammates cannot go outside and do their usual early morning jogging working out. In rotation, the schools’ gym is currently occupied and used by the volleyball club. So Momoharu and his teammates have to wait for their turn patiently. Kenji gives his opinion that they can practice in the schools’ hallways. Momoharu responds they had tried that before and got into trouble with the schools’ staff.

Chiaki and Nabe to spend their time are playing video games. Nao, Masahiro, and Yasuhara are helping Sora to learn hand signs or signals. Meanwhile, outside their teams' locker room, two of the girls' volleyball team members meet Momoharu and inform him that they’re wrapping up their practice session early. Nao sees them, replies that they can wait and politely urges them to continue their training. The volleyball club member responds that due to heavy rainfall and next week's upcoming mid-term exams, not many of their teammates showed up, so that is why they’re concluding their training a bit early. Momoharu and his teammates head towards their school’s court, and mid-way they see Kaname. They all are a bit astonished and confused to see him. While entering the court, Kaname politely requests that he wants to join the basketball team and apologize to them for his earlier lying attempt. Kenji replies that it is too late for apologies and Inter-High Preliminaries are coming. Upon concluding, Kenji states that he will not accept an individual who is half-hearted or non-serious in joining their team. Kaname replies that he is serious about joining their team, and he didn’t arrive at the court with half-hearted resolutions.

Sora vs. Kaname

Compared to his other teammates, Sora doesn’t seem pleased or reassured about it and believes it is one of Kaname’s other lying attempts. Nabe notices Sora’s odd behavior and tells Masahiro and Yasuhara that it is unusual for Sora to pick a fight with another person. A serious Sora instructs Kaname to make his way on the court and issues him a one-on-one challenge. Kaname agrees, and the intense match between the two of them begins. Sora uses his speed and short height to his advantage, quickly passes Kaname’s defense, and then goes for a layup. Kaname tries to block him. Sora displays his double-clutch move and scores. Kaname now has the ball possession. Upon watching, Kenji informs Nao that it is like watching David and Goliath and further comments that no matter how good defensive skills Sora has, he cannot stop Kaname from scoring due to the height difference. Kenji also states that this one-on-one challenge comes down to a contest of skills between the two of them. Kaname uses his height as an advantage and easily scores the layup, and the score is tied. While dribbling, a confident Sora informs Kaname that he should be careful when guarding; in a spur of the moment, Sora shoots the three-pointer. After scoring a confident, Sora tells himself that today is one of those days where he feels he will not miss any shots. Kaname then attempts one of his signature hook shots, and the ball touches the rim and misses. Sora leads by 3 points. The score 5 to 2. An exhausted Kaname looks down at the court. Sora teases Kaname and states that it has only been 10 minutes since their match has begun, he is already out of breath, and this is the extent of his seriousness. Kaname then recalls the moment in his middle school when Tsukishima gave him the advice that don’t let anyone decide your limits for you. A serious and determined Kaname replies that he hasn’t given up and urges Sora to resume their one-on-one basketball challenge.