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"Light" is the sixty fifth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Sora ankle breaks Kaname

The intense one-on-one challenge between Sora and Kaname is underway. Sora is currently leading the match. After missing his hook shot, Kaname recalls the advice of his senior, Tsukishima, that don’t let anyone decide your limits for you. A confident Kaname request Sora to resume their match. Kaname has the ball possession, and this time he efficiently passes Sora’s defense and easily scores the layup. Upon watching, Nao comments that Kaname’s layup almost looked like a dunk. After scoring a confident, Kaname looks at Sora and comments that now they’re tied. Sora replies that the way he dribbled pass by him looked like a foul. Kaname states it wasn’t a foul, and aggressive plays like that usually occurs underneath the basketball hoop all the time. Yasuhara and others are eagerly watching the intense showdown, and he notifies his teammates that it has been almost 30 minutes, and he is impressed with Kaname’s stamina. Chikai comments that his judgement is wrong, and Kaname looks a bit tired, and he has reached his limits.

Sora has the ball possession. He uses his speed and does an efficient crossover move making Kaname fall to the ground. Upon watching Kenji comments that Kaname’s legs look a bit shaken. A tired Kaname somehow manages to stand up and comments that he hasn’t given up. While dribbling, Kaname tells himself that he was sick and tired of all those expectations and had grown used to all those disappointments. But the reality is he only cared about one person, and that was his senior Tsukishima. Kaname then recalls the dreadful moment of his last middle school game when his team lost due to his decisiveness. He then remembers seeing Tsukishima's disappointed face and comments that what he feared the most was losing her guiding light. An energized and confident Kaname dribbles pass Sora’s defense and viciously scores with a dunk. Everyone on the court is impressed by Kaname’s dunk attempt. After scoring a poised Kaname looks at Sora and states that he won the match.

Kaname Shigeyoshi Dunks

Upon the conclusion of the one-on-one challenge, a tired Kaname then heads towards his residence. Midway, Tsukishima and her friends see him and politely notify him that it is raining outside and question where his umbrella is? Kaname replies that he forgot it at school and informs Tsukishima that the rumor spread in school about him having a crush on her is true. Kaname further comments that he was in love with her and still has feelings for her. Upon hearing, Tsukishima replies that she knew about it all the time and politely excuses herself. One of Tsukishima’s colleagues comments that she should say something. On seeing his senior's disappointed expression, Kaname tells her that he has seriously started playing basketball again. He further comments that if his team wins their first-round match, both he and her school will face each other in the second round. Tsukishima still doesn’t reply, and Kaname tells himself that some things in life can never be taken back and moving forward, he will have to carry the burden of his wrongdoings. Kaname then respectfully bows down and thanks his senior Tsukishima for all the kind guidance and words of encouragement she gave him during middle school.

Meanwhile, at the school’s court, Sora and his teammates have wrapped up their training. Nao tells Sora that his behavior today with Kaname was rude, and he shouldn’t have acted that way. She further commented that he should know some people have deficiencies regarding their health, and similar to Kaname, they still play basketball or other sports. Sora responds that was the reason he got angry and couldn’t forgive him. Sora further stated that he is relieved that it was a lie because he wanted Kaname to be a member of their team.