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"The Unfortunate News" is the sixty sixth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Kuzuryu High final training before Inter-High Preliminaries

After winning the one-on-one challenge against Sora and apologizing to his senior Tsukishima for his own shorting comings, Kaname officially becomes the Kuzuryu High basketball team member. However, due to his poor health, Kaname is unable to attend his first official practice session. Satsuki informs Sora and the others about Kaname’s absence and then notifies them that mid-term exams are beginning tomorrow. During the duration of the exam period, club activities are suspended. Upon hearing, Yasuhara responds that there are only six days left till the start of the Inter-High Preliminaries and requests he should be a bit lenient. Satsuki then changes his mind and tells them that they can practice; however, if anyone fails the mid-term exams, that individual will not be allowed to participate in the tournament. Upon hearing, Nao asks her squad that those who believe will not pass the exam kindly raise their hand. Except for Kenji and Chiaki, all others raise their hands. A low-spirited Nao tells herself that they’re indeed in trouble. Nabe asks Nao that she didn’t include Kaname. Nao replies that Kaname is from Saijo High and confidently believes he is good in studies.  

Sumi telling her sister about Yuka's criticial condition

Nao then asks that as who knows how to take good notes. Sora and others respond that they have no idea how to take notes. Nao gets a bit frustrated and furiously tells them that no one is leaving the gym today and instructs them to get their textbooks and start studying seriously. During the exam period, Madoka pays a friendly visit to the Kanagawa Hospital to meet Yuka and her sister Sumi. Upon meeting, Madoka politely returns the bracelet to Yuka and tells her that she didn’t have the courage to give Sora the bracelet. Yuka smiles and tells Madoka that Sora would have recognized that it was from her (Yuka) if she had given it to him. Madoka then has a friendly conversation with Yuka. Afterwards, Madoka tells her sister that Yuka is a nice person, and she is glad to meet her and feels happy and relieved. Sumi replies that she should have given Sora the bracelet, and it was rude on her part. Madoka then politely asks her sister that instead of receiving daily treatments didn’t Yuka have any surgery. Sumi replies that they did perform surgery; however, it wasn’t that complex and then gave her the bad news about her critical illness. Upon hearing, Madoka goes in a state of confusion and shock.

Meanwhile, at the school, Sora and his teammates are diligently preparing for the upcoming Inter-High Preliminaries. Nabe praises Sora for his shooting skills and tells him that he hasn’t missed a single shot in today’s practice. Due to his poor health, Kaname still hasn’t made his official appearance in the practice sessions. A depressed Madoka prepares for her upcoming exams. While studying, she goes to sleep and then recalls the dreadful moment when her sister, Sumi, told her about Yuka’s critical illness.