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"And then, There was a Showdown" is the sixty seventh chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Katsumi Takahashi

The schools’ mid-term exams have concluded, and a serious Nao checks the test results of her squad. A confused and stressed Sora and his teammates look at their manager. Nao then gives them the good news that all of them performed decently well on their mid-term exams. Amongst all the members, Chiaki is the one with high marks of 95 percent. Kaname, this time is present at the practice session. Satsuki praises Sora and his teammates for their diligent efforts in scoring well in the exam and, upon concluding, wishes them best of luck for the upcoming Inter-High Preliminaries. Sora gives a thumbs up to his advisor and confidently tells him that they will try their best to win their first-round match. Before starting their final practice, all of them form a circle. Momoharu, as their captain, urges them to put all their best effort into their last practice session.

Meanwhile, at Shinjo Towa Academy, who’re Kuzuryu High’s first-round opponent is also diligently preparing for the upcoming Inter-High Preliminaries. One of the freshmen at Shinjo Towa tells his teammates that he is astonished that Kuzuryu High has a basketball team and further comments that their school is infamously known for a school of troublemakers. Upon concluding, confidently states that their team will win their first-round match with flying colors. Takahashi, the captain of Shinjo Towa Academy, overhears his colleagues' conversation and seriously tells them never to underestimate their opponent. He further comments they don’t know their opponent’s skills or strengths until they face them in the tournament. Yukio and Ruko smile at their captain's leadership. An injured Kojima makes his way to the court and greets all his teammates. All the first-year students are happy and relieved to see their senior return, and they ask if his left leg injury has adequately healed. Kojima confidently tells them it is better than before. Takahashi asks and confirms from Kojima that it was indeed his ligament that got injured. Kojima agrees and replies that it is his final Inter-High Preliminaries and urges Takahashi that he certainly wants to participate. Kojima further comments that his high school basketball life will have no meaning or value if he cannot participate in this tournament.  

Takahashi disagrees with his childhood friend and instructs him that he is not participating due to his severe leg injury. Upon concluding, Takahashi informs Kojima that he is confident that their team will certainly win their first-round match. On overhearing their senior’s conversation, one of the freshmen tells his colleagues that when Takahashi and Kojima enrolled at their school, their basketball team was defunct due to no members. He further comments that Takahashi and Kojima were the only two members of their club for a while. Kazushi, one of the second years at Shinjo Towa Academy, seriously instructs his first-year colleagues that they didn’t clean the basketball court properly and redo it. Being scared and confused, the freshmen nicknames Kazushi scary-sempai and furiously tells his teammates out of all the other seniors, Kazushi never participates in any cleaning duties at their club. Takahashi then urges all his members that they’re about to start their training. They all lineup, chant their team’s name and begin their practice session.

Shinjo Towa Academy training session before the Inter-High Preliminaries

The night before the start of the Inter-High Preliminaries, Sora calls Nao and confirms that she is the one who is bringing their teams’ uniforms to the tournament venue. Nao confirms and happily replies to Sora not to be worried, and she has everything under control. Upon concluding the conversation, Nao urges Sora to rest and then encourages him to give his best efforts on tomorrow’s first-round match. The following day, while heading to his school, Sora crosses by the Kanagawa Hospital, where his mother is currently receiving treatment. He then cheerfully looks up at one of the windows of the hospital. Yuka, during that time, also wakes up and, while glancing through her rooms’ window, notices her son’s presence and becomes a bit startled. Later on, she smiles and quietly wishes her son good luck on his forthcoming first-round match. Sora then meets his teammates at the schools’ court. Everyone is excited about participating in this years’ Inter-High Preliminaries. Nao brings the official team's uniforms, and then they all head out towards the tournament venue.