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"The Shrimp's Pride" is the seventh chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

On the days leading up to the practice game with Shinmaruko High, Sora and his teammates are engaged in their intense basketball workout. Madoka being their trainer oversees their practice routine. At the end of the training session, Sora receives a text message from his mother. While reading, Madoka eavesdrops and teases Sora that he might have received a text from his girlfriend. Sora blushes and tells her it's from his mother.  

Madoka teasing Sora assuming that he received a message from his girlfriend

Sora informs Madoka that due to some circumstance, he can't see her yet. He mainly communicates with his mother via text message. Growing up, she has been the primary supporter of his passion for basketball, and she has helped him overcome his height deficiencies. Kurumatani also informs Madoka that Yuka is a retired professional basketball player who played for the Japan National basketball team. This upcoming practice game is crucial for him. No matter how many tall and strong opponents he might face, he will never run away. Upon hearing, Madoka informs Sora that she will also be his supporter and requests him to exchange cellphone numbers with each other.

Chiba and Tokiwa Kanagawa's Top 5 players

The day of the practice game between Shinmaruko High and Kuzuryu High has finally arrived. The Kuzuryu High girls' team members are amazed at Maru High's practice routine. While watching, Madoka informs her teammates that this year's lineup for Shinmaruko High is pretty strong; their center Chiba and guard Tokiwa are Kanagawa's top 5 players. The boys' team of Kuzuryu High make their entrance on the court. One of Shinmaruko High's supporters throws a can at Momoharu, and a small brawl takes place. Afterward, Momoharu asks his teammates do they remember all the rules and basics of basketball. Yasuhara responds that no punching or kicking. Chucky responds when in possession of the ball; you can't take more than three steps. Madoka, confused by their discussion, informs Sora that Shinmaruko High is a strong team and they need to be careful. Sora smiles and informs her that they will be fine. There is no need to be worried, and he has a secret plan up his sleeve to defeat Shinmaruko High.