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"Rush and Rush" is the seventy second chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Yasuhara gets himself in foul trouble while stopping Kazushi from scoring

A concerned Nao heads towards the tournament official desk to request for a timeout. Chiaki does another sloppy pass and causes another turnover. Yukio tries to score, and he is unsuccessful. Momoharu attempts to grab the rebound. Takahashi, out of nowhere, comes from behind and does a vicious dunk. The referee calls it an offensive charge and notifies the basket will not count. The tournament official sees Nao and asks does her team needs a timeout. Sora urges Chiaki that he should change his position and make him the point guard for the team. Chiaki disagrees and asks Sora to position himself inside the three-point line. Nao notices a serious and determined Chiaki and politely turns down the offer for a timeout. Kojima sees Nao and questions her decision to cancel the timeout and comments that the tides of the match might have turned in their favor; however, the timeout would help their team regain composure with all the swift attacking his teammates have been doing.

Kenji misses his layup attempt. Takahashi grabs the rebound and quickly passes Chiaki’s defense. A frustrated and angry Chiaki looks at Shinjo Towa’s captain. Takahashi then passes the ball to his teammate Kazushi. Yasuhara sees the pass and tries to stop his adversary from scoring. While Kazushi is attempting to layup, being a bit frustrated, Yasuhara does a karate chop. The referee notices Yasuhara’s unusual blocking attempt and sounds the whistle for the intentional foul. A frustrated Kazushi sees his injured right-hand wrist. Yasuhara apologizes to his adversary that he didn’t do it on purpose. An angry Kazushi replies he is in real pain, and next time he does that, he will face the consequence, referring he will punch him. A frustrated and furious Yasuhara looks at him and urges Kazushi to repeat what he said. Kazushi ignores Yasuhara and heads towards the free-throw line. Kazushi misses both the free throw attempts. Being a bit frustrated at the given moment, an angry Kazushi instructs his teammate that they should have tried to grab the loose ball and further states not to slack underneath the basketball hoop. Upon hearing this, Roku questions his opinion and quietly comments that Kazushi is the one on their team with the most mistakes.

The score is 18 to 12, and Kuzuryu High leads the match by 6 points. Sora praises his senior, Yasuhara, for his unusual blocking attempt and further comments; even if it was an unintentional foul, he still managed to stop their adversary’s momentum. On hearing, Yasuhara becomes excited and cheerful. An energetic Momoharu instructs his squad to regain their composure, and it is their team's turn to go on offence. Yasuhara smiles and gives a thumbs up to his captain. Chiaki being a bit frustrated by his poor performance, tries to calm himself down. Chiaki has possession of the ball and quickly passes Takahashi's defense. While going for the layup, Chiaki passes the ball to his teammate and causes another turnover after realizing that there is no one on the left side of the court. The ball goes out of bounds, and Shinjo Towa Academy gains possession. Takahashi praises Chiaki for his effort and further comments that Kuzuryu High would have further expanded their lead if Sora had been there. Kojima sees his confident friend and praises Takahashi for completely shutting down number 7, Chiaki.

Kenji displaying his superior basketball skills

Takahashi while dribbling, confidently states that their team can win this match and teases Chiaki that geniuses are surprisingly fragile. A frustrated Chiaki tries to stop him. On seeing his frustrated senior, Kaname requests Nao that she should have considered taking the timeout. Nao agrees with Kaname’s suggestion and comments it’s a gamble on her part. She further explains that, yes, their team is being pressured at the current moment, but Shinjo Towa Academy is also overworking themselves. A timeout would have served as an advantage to their opponents. Kazushi has possession of the ball and successfully attempts the layup. The score is 14 to 18. Shinjo Towa Academy is gradually closing the gap. Tokiwa comments that one minute is left to end the first quarter and then notifies his captain Chiba that Kazushi is the least skilled player at Shinjo Towa; he is not efficient at defending or scoring. Only his drive and layups are noteworthy, and his playstyle looks similar to Takahashi.

Kenji, this time efficiently evades Ruko’s defense. Chiaki sees his teammate and passes the ball to Kenji. Masahiro and Nabe notifies Chiaki that his timing on the pass is off. Kenji sees Chiaki’s pass and displays his athletic skills by managing to retrieve it and attempts to score. Sora notices that Kenji’s rhythm and timing on the layup are off. Momoharu quickly positions himself for the rebound, and instead of retrieving the ball, he taps it in. Shinjo Towa’s efforts to gain control of the match go in vain, and Kuzuryu High further widens their lead. The score is 20 to 14. Chiba comments that it is his first time seeing Momoharu score and praises Kuzuryu High for keeping Shinjo Towa Academy at bay. A confident Momoharu looks at his brother Chiaki and urges him to regain his composure; otherwise, he will get subbed out from the match.