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"Ideal Type" is the seventy third chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Kazushi blocks Kenji from scoring

On seeing Kenji messing up the timing of his layup attempt, Momoharu position himself for the rebound and instead of retrieving it, he taps the ball in. Hence, making Momoharu’s first-ever successful scoring attempt. A confident Momoharu looks at his depressed brother Chiaki and urges him to regain his composer; otherwise, he will be subbed out from the match. The second quarter begins, and Takahashi tries to answer back in attempting to score. A furious Chiaki tries to stop him and gets himself in another foul trouble. The referee indicates pushing by Kuzuryu High number 7. Nao notifies Chiaki that it is his second foul and he should be a bit careful and urges him not to do anything unnecessary.

The match continues, and Yukio easily scores the layup. Shinjo Towa Academy is gradually closing the gap. The score is 22 to 26. Tokiwa informs his captain that Kuzuryu High managed to regain the match's momentum by the end of the first quarter.  Now going forward, Shinjo Towa Academy is truly setting the pace, and it is only a matter of time before they catch up. One of the people in the crowd comments that Kuzuryu High is undoubtedly a fast pace team, and their speed is no joke. Sora has possession of the ball, and he quickly passes his adversary's defense. Yukio tries to stop him; Sora sees his senior Yasuhara and passes the ball to him. Yasuhara attempts to score, and due to his poor ball-handling skills, it doesn’t go in. Takahashi retrieves the loose ball and scores. Shinjo Towa Academy closes the gap to one point. Nao notices that the match is fast-paced, and both teams are trying their best to defend against each other. In concluding, she comments that the way things are going, their team will be the first ones to experience the depleted stamina.

Katsumi scores the Three-Pointer

Yasuhara has possession of the ball, and Kazushi is guarding him. Being a bit confused at the moment, Yasuhara causes a turnover. The referee indicates a travelling attempt. An angry Kazushi looks at him and urges Yasuhara to move out of his way. Yasuhara looks at him furiously, and the intense rivalry between the two of them continues. Shinjo Towa Academy goes on offence, and Takahashi tells his teammates that it is a one-point difference and urges them to score. A determined Chiaki looks at him and states that he will not let him score. In a spur of the moment, Takahashi shoots and scores a three-pointer. Shinjo Towa Academy takes the lead. Kojima smiles at his friend Takahashi and states that he is a sneaky individual. Chiba tells Tokiwa that Takahashi's most important skill set is that he is good at tricking people. Kaname sees Takahashi's efficient basketball skills and comments an amazing 190 cm tall all-rounder basketball player. Momoharu urges his squad not to be fazed by it and confidently states that they will reply to them back with a score of their own.

Chiaki being a bit jealous of Takahashi's skills to disrupt his adversary’s focus, Chiaki purposely passes the ball to Kenji that almost flew by Takahashi’s face. Kenji efficiently receives the pass and tries to score. Kazushi jumps to blocks him. Kenji notices, similar to Momoharu, Kazushi also has decent jumping ability; and he easily blocks Kenji. Chiaki grabs the loose ball, and Takahashi attempts to steal the ball from him. Chiaki somehow manages to keep possession of the ball, and while going for the layup, Chiaki gets himself in another foul trouble, and the referee indicates charging by number 7.