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"Turning Point" is the seventy forth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Kojima praising his friend Takahashi for taking the lead for the match

While going for the layup, Chiaki gets himself in another foul trouble, and the referee indicates charging by number 7. It is Chiaki’s third foul, and Nao requests the tournament official for a timeout. A delighted and confident Shinjo Towa Academy team head towards their bench. Kojima gives a high five to his friend Takahashi for his efforts. An angry Masahiro looks at Shinjo Towa Academy and states that they’re reacting a bit overconfident. Kaname hears Masahiro and comments that the main problem with their team is that Chiaki has three fouls in the match's early stages. Nabe replies that isn’t five fouls the limit. Kaname agrees and states that if Chiaki gets another foul, he won’t be able to move in the match freely because he might get fouled out.

Takahashi vs. Momoharu

Momoharu further explains that under the given circumstance, they would have subbed out Chiaki. The main problem is that their team has only one skilled point guard, and subbing out Chiaki would also make their team in losing height advantage. Sora sees Chiaki and states that his morale is at its all-time low, and he has never seen his senior this depressed before. Sora then recalls one of the earlier moments when he met Chiaki at Kuzuryu High and further comments that Chiaki has always been a carefree and confident individual. Nao urges her squad to calm down and agrees with Nabe that Chiaki still has two fouls. Nao further states that what she has learned through this match is that the defensive battle is improbable and requests her squad not to get themselves in any more foul trouble. Nao then subs out Chiaki and Yasuhara. She makes Sora the team's point guard, and Masahiro will replace Yasuhara, Kaname, who will play as a center and changes Momoharu’s position to power forward. In concluding, Nao urges Kenji to score from the outside and not force his way inside the paint area.

Nao then asks Sora if he is fine as being the teams’ point guard. She further states that if she doesn’t sub out Chiaki right now, there is a possibility that he might get fouled out and urges Sora to give his best efforts. Sora confidently agrees with his manager. The timeout finishes and a different Kuzuryu High team heads towards the court. It is Shinjo Towa Academy’s possession of the ball. While on the court, a confused Sora talks to himself and states that he lied to Nao that he is fine on being the team’s point guard. Hence, he feels terrified, didn’t have any choice and further stated that he didn’t want the morale of his teammates to go down. Sora then urges himself to become a player that all of his teammates can count on when facing adversity. Shinjo Towa Academy first-year members notice a change in Kuzuryu High defensive formation and praises Kaname for his tall height.

Sora becomes the team's Point Guard

Takahashi notices Kaname and requests Ruko to switch positions with him. Ruko becomes Shinjo Towa Academy’s point guard, and Takahashi heads inside the zone area, and he is now guarding Momoharu. Roku uses his height advantage against Sora and passes the ball to Takahashi. It’s a battle between Momoharu and Takahashi. The people in the crowd notice that Takahashi is forcing himself to score, that could result in a charging foul. However, that doesn’t occur. Takahashi displays his efficient basketball skills by quickly evades Momoharu’s defense. Kaname stops him from scoring, and Takahashi passes the ball to Yukio, who then scores. Shinjo Towa Academy further widens the lead. The score is 29 to 26. One of the onlookers commented that bringing in the tall guy Kaname made no difference in stopping Shinjo Towa from scoring. A confused Kaname looks at his captain, and Momoharu replies and agrees it was his fault for letting Takahashi pass by his defense. Kaname then sees a depressed Sora and informs him that everyone on the team knows that he is confused and terrified of being the team’s point guard. Kaname further states to Sora that his courage quelled their doubts and then encourages Sora to try his best. Both give a high five to each other. Sora has possession of the ball and urges his teammates to score. Takahashi instructs his teammates not to move back further and stay on guard. Chiba notices that Shinjo Towa Academy is going into zone formation, and it will be an inside battle between the two teams. Sora, while dribbling, encourages himself and states that his team will not fall apart just because Chiaki is no longer participating in the match.