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"The Warriors Testament" is the seventy sixth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Takahashi vs. Kaname

Kenji easily scores the point for his team and closes the deficit gap to one point. The score is 30 to 31. Sora then encourages himself and comments that he is not alone. He has his teammates with him who share the same goal as him to win the match. Takahashi praises Sora and his teammates and comments that they’re a team that doesn’t give up easily. Three minutes left to end the second quarter. Takahashi instructs his squad not to fall behind and stay focused. The tournament officials comment that this is indeed an impressive match. One of the tournament officials states that neither team participated in the last year’s Inter-High Preliminaries. In concluding, he praises both teams for having skilled players and further comments that it is a shame that not many people in attendance came to watch their match.

Takahashi is carefully guarding Kaname. While defending, Takahashi recalls the moment when Kojima and he enrolled at Shinjo Towa Academy. The two of them were the only members on the team for a while. In their second year, they barely got any recruits. In concluding, Takahashi urges himself that this is their first Inter-High tourney and it won’t be their last one and encourages himself to win the match. Takahashi quickly passes Kaname’s defense and attempts to score. Momoharu efficiently blocks him; Ruko quickly grabs the loose ball and scores. Shinjo Towa Academy widens their lead to 4 points, and the score is 34 to 30. Yukio praises his teammate Ruko for his scoring attempt. A confident Takahashi instructs his squad to widen their lead further. Sora sees his adversary’s confidence and comments that the first half is almost over; however, his team will not make any mistakes in the second half. Sora then recalls the moment when Chiaki gave him the advice on being a point guard. Sora then encourages himself and states that a scoring chance will present itself, and he will give his best efforts until Chiaki joins them.

Kazushi scores the layup

Sora passes the ball to Kaname. On watching, the people in the crowd and Shinmaruko High praise Sora for his timing on passing the ball to his teammate. Kaname quickly grabs the ball. Takahashi notifies his teammate, Yukio, about the skyhook and urges him to defend the basket. Kaname, instead of scoring, passes the ball to Kenji, who quickly scores the layup. Fujita, the ace of Saijo High, comments that this is an exciting match, and he is glad that he and his teammates came to the tournament venue to see it. Sora praises Kaname for his excellent assist in passing the ball to Kenji. Kaname, in return, also praises Sora for his passing skills. An angry Kenji tells Sora that he has been ignoring his requests to pass the ball to him. Momoharu, on witnessing his freshmen better than expected basketball skills, comments that their first-year trio members are indeed skilled. Takahashi scores the layup, and Shinjo Towa Academy further widens their lead. A depressed Chiaki eagerly watches the match and comments that he is very disappointed by himself and he feels embarrassed, especially in front of his manager. Kaname tries to score, and he is unsuccessful. Kazushi grabs the loose ball and quickly scores the layup. Shinjo Towa Academy widens their lead to five points.

Sora asks Kaname for his wellbeing. A tired Kaname replies that he is fine. Upon hearing his teammate's response, Sora comments that the burden on being the team’s center is heavy because one has to cover the low post area. Sora further states that whenever the rhythm of attack changes, it places a heavy burden on the team’s center, and both teams have been focusing on attaining low post scores for a while. Sora from the half-court line quickly passes the ball to Kenji. Shinjo Towa doesn’t notice the quick pass. Kenji retrieves it and scores. Everyone on the court praises Sora for his efficient passing skills, and a depressed Chiaki leaves the court.