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"Nine Headed Dragon" is the seventy ninth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Kaname vs. Yukio

Only three minutes remain to conclude the timeout of the first half. A tired Nao makes her way back to the court and comments that their team wasn’t able to attain the lead in the second quarter. However, the flow of the match was in their favor. She urges her squad to keep the same momentum going at the start of the third quarter. Chiaki also returns to the court and requests his manager to let him play. Nao allows him to participate and cautions him that he already has three fouls, and if he gets another, she will sub him out. Chiaki agrees with his manager’s suggestion. At Shinjo Towa Academy bench, Takahashi praises his teammates for their incredible performance and confidently informs them that they can win the match. Afterwards, Takahashi seeks Kojima’s advice. Kojima replies that Kuzuryu High is a strong team, and they indeed are their worthy opponent. Takahashi agrees with his friend’s suggestion and comments that this is an intense match, and he is relishing this opportunity to compete. At Kanagawa hospital, Yuka tells her mother that Sora’s match must have reached its halfway point and requests Yone that she wants to go to the tournament venue to see her son’s performance.

The first half timeout finishes. For the first time, all the starting five members of Kuzuryu High will be participating together in a match. The people in the crowd to show their appreciation cheer on both teams. Sora has possession of the ball. Takahashi urges his squad to look out for high or low passes and stop Kaname from heading inside the paint area. Sora quickly passes the ball to Chiaki, who then gives it to Kaname. Yukio is carefully guarding him and comments that although their heights are almost the same, Kaname’s arms are longer than his. Kaname easily evades Yukio’s defense and goes for a layup. Takahashi tries to block him, and Kaname then passes the ball to Kenji, who easily scores the mid-range shot, and Kuzuryu High grabs the lead. The score is 39 to 38. A furious Momoharu questions Kaname and comments that he was free inside the paint area and why he passed the ball outside. On knowing his captain’s inefficient scoring skills, Kaname calmly replies that it was instinctive. It is Shinjo Towa’s ball possession, and Roku is the team’s point guard. While guarding Takahashi, Chiaki talks to himself and states that he has to stop his adversary from scoring and further comments that Takahashi is the pillar of defense on his team; all the offence goes through him.

Takahashi notices a demeanor-wise different Chiaki and comments that in comparison to his team’s center, Yukio, Chiaki is heavier and robust. Ruko tries to score the ball touches the rim. Chiaki and Takahashi position themselves for the rebound. Momoharu efficiently grabs the ball before them. Saijo High praises Kuzuryu High for being a strong offensive team, especially that scores a lot in the low post area. Fujita replies to his teammates that Chiaki is Kuzuryu High’s main player and the ones that can guard him are Takahashi and Yukio. Fujita further comments that if Chiaki was playing his point guard position, Kuzuryu High would not keep the match this close. One of Saijo High's members tries to confirm from Fujita that he means the game would worsen if Chiaki is a point guard. Fujita replies that he said that because Kaname, due to his poor stamina, cannot play an entire 40 minutes game, and it’s up to Takahashi and Yukio to hold back Kuzuryu High inside the paint area.

Meanwhile, at the Kanagawa Hospital, Yone goes to the nursing booth to seek permission if Yuka can visit the Inter-High Preliminaries venue to see her son’s basketball match. Upon hearing, Sumi replies that the primary doctor in charge, Hayashi-sensei is off duty today. If Yuka had informed them earlier, they could have made preparation to visit the tournament venue. Upon concluding, Sumi comments that she, as a nurse, cannot permit a patient to go outside, and every time she has to seek permission from the doctor in charge. Yone agrees with Sumi and requests if she can do something about it. Yuka has never insisted on anything like this to her before. One of Sumi’s colleagues gets in touch with Hayashi. Sumi informs him that the tournament venue is nearby, and he gives permission. At the Inter-High Preliminaries venue, Kuzuryu High continues to put pressure on Shinjo Towa Academy. Sora evades Kazushi’s defense and passes the ball to Kaname. Yukio is guarding him, Kaname quickly passes his defense and scores. The referee then whistles defensive foul by number 8 and informs basket will count and one free throw attempt. One of the onlookers’ comments that Kuzuryu High is unstoppable, and they have taken control of this match. It’s a double-digit difference, and the score is 51 to 42. Kenji then asks Kaname that why he didn’t score with his usual skyhook shot. Kaname replies that his skyhook shot might be unstoppable; his angle of attack was too shallow, and jumping high all the time tires him out.

Sora easily passes Takahashi's defense

Takahashi sees his worried and confused teammates. To raise their morale informs them that there is a lot of time remaining in the match's conclusion. Shinjo Towa Academy’s first-year students to show their support cheer on teammates. Yukio tries to score the layup and is unsuccessful. Kaname grabs the rebound and passes the ball to Chiaki. The people in the crowd comment that Shinjo’s defensive battle is a one-sided plight! Chiaki, to confuse Takahashi, does his signature elbow pass. Kaname retrieves it and viciously dunks. Everyone in the court praises Kuzuryu High, and one of the onlookers’ comments that Chiaki did an elbow pass to his teammate. Fujita becomes impressed by Chiaki’s basketball skills and confidently informs his teammates that Kuzuryu High will be their second-round opponent. Takahashi then urges his squad to calm themselves down and confidently states to take it easy and score one basket at a time. Even with Yukio and Takahashi on the offence, it was difficult for Shinjo Towa Academy to penetrate inside the paint area due to Kaname’s efficient defense. Takahashi and Ruko, to spread out Kuzuryu High’s defense tried to score from the outside. Their attempts remained futile as both were unable to score. Momoharu grabs the rebound and passes the ball to Sora. Takahashi instructs his teammates that Sora will pass the ball to Kenji. Sora swiftly passes all his adversary’s defense and easily scores the layup.

Everyone in the crowd cheer on Sora and comments that the little guy broke through the entire Shinjo Towa Academy’s defense. It’s a sixteen-point difference, and the score is 62 to 46. Sora confidently looks at Chiaki and states that their team will indeed win the match. Shinjo Towa Academy calls for a timeout, and a depressed Takahashi makes his way to his team’s bench. The people in the crowd chant Kuzuryu High’s team name and confidently states that they are the real deal and will face Saijo High in the second round. A furious Kojima instructs his freshman Kawamoto to tape his injured left leg. A confused Kawamoto looks at his senior and urges him not to participate. An angry Kojima replies that he can’t just sit still and watch his team get demolished.