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"First Flight" is the eighth chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Sora informing his teammates that this is his first official practice match

The practice game between Shinmaruko High and Kuzuryu High is about to commence. Apart from Sora, other team members of Kuzuryu High look confused and overwhelmed. Seeing Sora's confident demeanor, Yasuhara asks Kurumatani that he has never participated in an official basketball match, and this feeling of nervousness is it normal. Sora smiles at him and tells him that this is his first time participating as a starter in a game. An astonished Momoharu calls the referee for a time out. All the members of Kuzuryu High get furious at Sora and demand an explanation. Sora explains that he was a sub-member on his mini-school basketball team, and due to his small height, he never got a chance to play as a starter on the team. Sora reassures his teammates that he is confident in his skills and ability and can't wait for the match to begin. Momoharu, hearing Sora's explanation, understood why Sora was so eager to join the basketball club. Before heading to the center court, Sora asks Momoharu that does he remembers their secret plan. Momoharu reassures Sora that he remembers it. Before the tip-off, Tokiwa tries to greet Sora and receives a no response from him. He then smiles at Kurumatani and believes that the tiny shrimp must be excited. Chiba recognizes Momoharu and teases him where his brother Chiaki is and then confidently goes to retrieve the jump ball.

Kuzuryu High praising Sora for his shooting skills

Momoharu, due to his efficient jumping ability, retrieves the jump ball before Chiba. Sora grabs the airball and from half-court, scores a three-pointer and issues a challenge to Shinmaruko High, and informs them that they should not underestimate him for being a small player.

A furious Chiba tells his teammates that it might be a fluke. Meanwhile, Momoharu and others praise Sora. An excited and enthusiastic Tokiwa tells his teammates not to be fazed by Sora's shooting skills. During that time, Chucky steals the ball from Tokiwa and passes it to Yasuhara. The girls' team members of Kuzuryu High are amazed by Yasuhara and Chucky's improved passing skills. Sora receives the ball from his teammates, and this time Tokiwa tries to guard him seriously. Kurumatani does a jump fake and then scores another three-pointer. Chiba laughs and tells Tokiwa that Sora was right not to make fun of him.