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"Loud Round" is the eighty first chapter in Ahiru no Sora.

Chapter Summary

Kojima joins the match

Upon witnessing Kuzuryu High attaining a sixteen-point lead, Kojima request Takahashi to allow him to participate in the match. Due to Kojima’s severe left leg injury, both friends have a small argument. Kazushi insists his captain allow Kojima to participate, and they will sub him out if it worsens. Roku agrees with his colleague and suggests to Takahashi that the two are good friends, and why not use that bond or friendship to win the match. The timeout finishes, Kojima doesn’t join the match right away and tries to mentally and physically prepare himself. Takahashi attempts to score; the ball touches the rim, and Momoharu grabs the rebound. Yasuhara and Nabe praise their captain for the effort. People at the court comment that Shinjo Towa Academy can’t score, and Kuzuryu High is too strong of a team.

Takahashi apologizes to his teammate for his futile attempt and instructs his squad to get themselves in position to stop Kuzuryu High from scoring. He further urges his teammates not to think about what the match score is, calm themselves down and let’s get back to basics. Shinjo Towa Academy’s bench to show their support, cheer their teammates. Sora notices a calm and collected Shijo Towa Academy. Kaname then informs his teammates that Shinjo Towa's number 5, Kojima is about to enter the match. A nervous and stressed Kojima tries to calm himself down and manages to stand up. One of the onlookers’ comments that Shinjo Towa is about to have a member change. Nabe asks Nao that wasn’t Kojima injured. Nao agrees and confusingly stares at their opponent's bench. Kenji tries to score, and Kazushi stops him. The ball goes out of bounds, and the referee whistles that it is Shinjo Towa Academy’s ball possession and notifies a member change for their team. A serious Kojima enters the court. One of the onlookers’ comments that Shinjo Towa is bringing their third tallest member to join the match. Hence, both teams will be competing against each other at their full strength.

While heading towards his team’s bench, Yanagihara requests his senior Kojima to be cautious about his injury and not do anything reckless. Kojima politely agrees with his freshman and joins the match. Takahashi smiles towards his friend, Kojima and confidently instructs his squad that there are three minutes left in conclusion to the third quarter and let’s bring the deficit gap to single digits. Yukio tries to position himself inside the paint area, and Kaname efficiently guards him. The people in crowd praises Kaname for his defensive skills and critiques Yukio for being an inefficient center. A furious Kojima shouts at his freshman and reminds Yukio to remember the basic technique he taught him to position himself effectively underneath the basketball hoop. On hearing, Yukio regains his composure, evades Kaname’s defense. Kojima then praises Yukio for his efforts, and Takahashi passes the ball to him. Yukio tries to score, and he is unsuccessful. The ball rotates around the rim, both Kojima and Momoharu get themselves in position to retrieve the rebound. While defending, Momoharu politely tells Kojima that he feels terrible for him on his severe knee injury. However, he is his opponent and will not show any kindness or mercy. Kojima smiles at Momoharu and sarcastically replies that isn’t he a nice person.

Kazushi trying to stop Kenji from scoring

Both of them jump to retrieve the loose ball. Momoharu manages to touch the ball before Kojima, and it goes out of bounds. The referee whistles and indicates that it is Shinjo Towa Academy’s possession of the ball. Momoharu praises Kojima for his rebounding skills. On hearing, Kaname tells his captain not to worry, and they will stop them from scoring. Takahashi asks Kojima about his wellbeing. Kojima replies that he is fine and critiques his opponent, Momoharu, on using his injury as an advantage to compete against him. In concluding, Kojima urges Takahashi not to be worried about his injury and remain focus on winning the match. Takahashi confirms he is indeed focused and encourages his squad to score. Roku passes the ball to Kojima, who then gives it to Takahashi. While guarding Momoharu, Kojima talks to himself and comments that this is their first-ever Inter-High Preliminary game, and they can’t lose here. Momoharu grabs the rebound and passes the ball to Sora. Chiaki urges his teammates to score. Kojima furiously instructs his squad to stop Kuzuryu High from scoring. Sora then passes the ball to Kenji. Kazushi tries to stop him from scoring. While going for the layup, Kenji does a double-clutch and tries to score with his right hand. Takahashi jumps and blocks him. The first-year students of Shinjo Towa Academy praise their captain for his defensive efforts. A confident Takahashi urges his squad no to waver, and they will win the match.

The tournament officials praises that this is an exciting match and one of them comments that it is a sixteen-point difference, and it will be difficult for Shinjo Towa Academy to regain the lead. Sakamaki, the coach of Yokohama Taiei High, urges his tournament colleagues not to give up on Shinjo Towa Academy. There is still determination in the eyes of their team, and he further elaborates that back when he was in high school, his team attained victory by closing a twenty-point deficit in the last ten minutes of the fourth quarter. In concluding, Sakamaki states nobody knows what will happen until the match reaches its conclusion.